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'No One Is Above the Law': Supreme Court Allows New York Prosecutor to Subpoena Trump Financial Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/no-one-above-law-supreme-court-allows-new-york-prosecutor-subpoena-trump-financial

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There is little doubt in my cynical mind that Trump will manage to hide his taxes forever. I hope to be proven wrong. I also hope that all his money laundering on behalf of Russian oligarchs comes to light and he goes to jail for the remainder of his life. But I suspect the likelihood of that happening is right up there with pigs flying. Come to think of it, Trump does fly around a lot. My apologies to pigs, who are far more intelligent and compassionate than Trump ever has been or ever will be.


What’s the bully gonna do now? Fire the Supreme Court justices?


I can see him hiding in the White House bunker.

" Trump had argued he should be immune from state investigations during his term to avoid unnecessary distractions."

Translation: I AM NOT A CROOK!


Cowering like the coward he is all the while spewing angry words to try and cover up how scared he truly is. Trump has pretty much every mental illness there is and perhaps a few ones yet to be named.

I wish Twitter would shut him down–or is that a necessary distraction?


I’m pleasantly surprised that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh came down on the right side of this.


No, but Trump would if he could! But you can bet your last dollar that one way or the other, Trump will not lose in November; especially with Biden running on the corrupt DNC ticket instead of Bernie. Remember HRC had a big lead in the polls in 2016.

The likelihood he will resign soon just became greater.

The Art Of That Deal Will Also Be Corrupt.

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If Biden has any ‘nad whatsoever (always a shaky proposition with corporate Democrats who’s requisite lack of ruthlessness towards anyone but progressives is always a factor). He could use the ‘what has he got to hide’ argument in a jiu jitsu like argumentation tactic, taking a page from Orange Anus’ 2016 ‘Crooked Hilary’ rhetorical playbook.
What we can really hope for is that Cyrus Vance is determined to fully investigate, and if malfeasance is found (which is highly likely), prosecute Cheeto Mussolini even if he is no longer squatting in the White House. All too often, fellow travelers of the political class give their contemporaries far too many prosecutorial passes – however, given the personal vitriol that is Idiot Amin’s stock and trade – Vance will make a visible exception for him.


Nothing to see here. The SCOTUS merely said that the POTUS is not a monarch (yet), and that he can indeed be subpoenaed for records and testimony. However, they also said that the courts have to say “pretty pretty please, with sugar on top” and then have to sit there, patiently, and wait until such time as the POTUS feels like answering the Subpoena.
So, pretty much, status quo. Nobody has trumps tax and business records, and they won’t get them anytime soon.


Trump has proven he is a rogue president, in a bad way. It makes it even more imperative to have control over the house, senate, and WH to make changes like reporting taxes before the election.
Trump has made this necessary along with many other moral issues that he has tainted, upset, destroyed, and other non-superlatives.


“A split decision on two separate cases pertaining to the president’s taxes will likely leave the documents out of public view until after the election”

Thus insuring Donald will do everything he can to stop that election from happening.

The SC states that no one is above the law then allow Trump to keep kicking the can down the road until after the election.

Trump had argued he should be immune from state investigations during his term to avoid unnecessary distractions.

You really can’t play your best golf when you’re distracted.


I don’t see that happening, he knows charges await him in NY if he’s not reelected or leaves office early. The only exception would be if he plans on fleeing the country. The prospect of prison or being outed as not as rich as he portrays, scares the shit out of Don the Con.


That distraction excuse came up a lot during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing based on his past opinions on presidential immunity.

However, I’ve heard the plea from a great many non-presidents, both in the news and in personal life, and the person always tries to say that they shouldn’t be held responsible for whatever law, rule or debr because they are very involved in some extremely important work.

How do we gauge the importance of the work? Why, it is extremely highly compensated, of course (they use the word compensated instead of paid for the same reason they use the phrase ‘having cocktails’ instead of ‘getting drunk’).

In other words all wealthy people believe that their wealth entitles them to break the rules.

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I am sure Trump has a nice home picked out in Russia, probably somewhere near Putin’s neighborhood!


It’s a real time message to Trump and historically a message to future “would-be Kings” that the President is not above the law.

But to all of us in the here and now it didn’t address the house on fire; Trump’s taxes are now a moot issue and we won’t get them before November.

Now the only leverage, and it will be a huge lever, is Biden saying I won’t debate until Trump produces his taxes.

The smart play, especially for a compromised Biden, is to let Trump continue to thrash around in the quicksand he has created until he sinks out of sight.

Cyrus Vance Jr. is a poor litigator and probably not up to doing what needs to be done but the SDNY will go into high gear. Trump now has to prepare for a variety of Subpoenas coming down on him.