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No One Is Asking Clinton or Trump About the No. 1 Threat to Security


No One Is Asking Clinton or Trump About the No. 1 Threat to Security

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Last week we saw another installment of the media malpractice that has plagued the 2016 campaign. NBC’s Matt Lauer was widely criticized for his performance moderating the network’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, especially his failure to correct Donald Trump’s repetition of the lie that he opposed the invasion of Iraq. But another mistake has been getting far less attention.


“And while there is no doubt that Trump is unfit…”

Katrina vanden Heuvel got that right. Too many people on the left have not made that clear.

The biggest nuclear issue that I can see at the moment is that North Korea has nukes, and missiles that can probably reach the US and may be close to being able to deliver a nuclear weapon with a missile. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has called Donald Trump the Kim Jung Un of the West. So imagine if Donald Trump was leader of North Korea right now. That may convey how scary the situation is. And if both Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un have intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons at their disposal that is clearly a frightening prospect. But this could be the situation in only a year or two. Asking Trump about anything is pretty much a waste of time because all you will get are lies. So you can disregard just about anything he says. Clinton would probably want to ask the Chinese to do more about North Korea since that is about the only country with relationship with North Korea. Hopefully, China can convince North Korea to give up their nukes for something in return.


Actually, the military says the single largest threat to our national security is climate change.


Can you give a source for the supposition that NKorea has intercontinental missiles? My understanding is that they’ve not gotten anything launched much beyond their territorial waters, and the nation most worried about getting nuked from the north is SKorea. Of course, this is the ultimate Mutually Assured Destruction MADness, as NK would also suffer the effects if they bombed the other end of their peninsula.


Another flagged post directly coinciding with the sudden influx of Trolls which now are attempting to infest this website.


And yet, in supposedly protecting our “interests” and establishing “boots of the ground” in country after country the U.S. military uses up more petroleum products than any other organization or country and therefore is one of the biggest enablers of the climate change they say is such a threat.


There is no source for that. North Korea, for all of their posturing does NOT have an ICBM and is years away at least from one.