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'No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed': Thousands in Spain, UK Rally at US Embassies in Solidarity With America's Anti-Racist Uprising

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/07/no-one-free-when-others-are-oppressed-thousands-spain-uk-rally-us-embassies



The video is marvellous. And a statue of a slave trader in Bristol has been pulled down by protesters.


Time to topple the regime "now."

Worldwide Cooperation.


e pluribus unum

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Unless I missed it----time to re-post this article by Richard Wolff and discuss where these rallies are going . . . . where they must go.

July 18, 2018:
The Capitalism/Racism Partnership

Excerpts from article, my bold:

“Revulsion is building towards the smokescreens of hypocrisy, racism, and nationalism barely masking capitalism’s ongoing failure to provide the jobs and incomes people need”

"W.E.B.DuBois split his political efforts between appealing to African-Americans to embrace anti-capitalism and to socialists to embrace anti-racism. In his view, no program to establish socialism in the US could succeed or survive so long as African-Americans were kept as employees or unemployed. Likewise, no program to abolish racism was possible within the US capitalist system."


When capitalism is controlled by social Darwinism it becomes a crime against humanity.


The pace of police terror was definitely quickening, the extremity of atrocity heightening, in such tight coordination with official pronouncements, we got a strong impression it was deliberate: Someone was trying to provoke us, to see what would happen. How’s that working out for you?

Oops, they sparked the Floyd Rebellion: a global revolution. Oh well, it had to happen someday.

His Pestilency is crestfallen that “MAGA-night at the White House!” celebration never materialized. Why did the chickenshit cross the road? We’re pulling down their goddam monuments now! This is too real.


A lot of people here agree with that:



Video of the statue being pulled down:


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Dylian Ratigan -The Protestors must have a list demands. OWS failed because they had no demands

BONUS! Corona-Money Talk with Dylan Ratigan! Episode 7 - June 3 2020

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Here is a cop who advises armed white men. who are violating the curfew law, to hide out of sight so they are not arrested. He does not want all the cameras filming them refusing to arrest these guys.

Now he apologizes for what he did. What on Earth is that apology worth? He got caught and is sorry for it.

Would he have extended the same courtesy to armed black men violating curfew?


Time for the Wobblie’s: WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


Lest we In Canada think this just a US problem (And I doubt many Canadian readers of Common dreams would suggest this)






For the new to be born the old, outworn must go. Racism must go! Scapegoating must go!

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I know a professor, Charles Smith who lives in Toronto and he has written much on racism in Canada.

This last week the Southern Baptist Convention announced their membership is shrinking rather rapidly, since 2013 it’s quite noticeable.
Meanwhile, the #s of American folks describing themselves as agnostic or atheist, continues to grow decade after decade. This trend, too, is spreading around the planet.
What researchers tell us, as well, is that atheists and agnostics are much more tolerant of people from large mainline religions than vice versa. Thus, we see and can reasonably conclude; that as the belief in magical thinking and magical solutions to the planet’s problems evaporates, real tolerance for human development and human created answers ( centering ) are most likely to be found from the groups of people least respected and welcomed to the table of the PTB.
Unlike ultra-nationalist and authoritarian rule, based on the mythical Middle Eastern and Indo-European religious model, real new world order prosperity and harmony lies in deconstruction of these ancient spiritual dead ends.
Nations pointing out the U.S.'s disastrous current mismanagement and willfully blind policies towards marginalized groups is important. It’s truly miraculous, actually, considering how dangerous and unbalanced its leadership is.
We are seeing their real courage here. Let’s hope the world, like agnostics and atheists have been telling them for eons, that world peace and tolerance lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.
Now, more than ever, the world needs less prayers and more answers, found in the clear headedness of the people least appreciated.


There is nothing wrong with prayer if it is done correctly, what needs to change is the expectation of what prayer is and what it does. Prayer is actually an alignement of abilities so as to be in good communication using those abilities that are developed. What needs to change is the lies and manipulation concerning who can do this and the invalidation imposed by many groups. To that end, if you have a spirit you can and do it everyday. (and not just people too) Religions just impose that everyone does it the same way, which gets mixed results.


How is this any different than the pulling down of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad?

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Currently, prayer is a form of " gaslighting ". It’s a large component part of " the big stall " being used by entrenched political, religious and non-for-profit organizations. Acting to divert the power moving, coursing its way through the planet’s body politic. Neutralizing progress, is the point. Dissipating anger and calls for justice, is the point. Controlling, rather than curing, is the point.
" The Big Stall " is like a family of deer ticks inbedded in the skins of America’s working class, poor and defenseless, youngsters and elderly alike. It sucks energy and focus out of its host as it engorges itself; then spreads, and eventually destroys individuals and entire groups.
Problems forestalled, not resolved.


The roots of racism are all the same. It was birthed in Western Europe during the so called “enlightenment” and the years after and any Country Colonized by those European nations will have racism inside of their societies. Racism was used to justify that Colonization.

There are certainly degrees of it , but subtle racism is just as much racism as the more overt stuff that goes on.

The larger question is that given all of these nations have racism inside of their systems, what is being done to address it? If it acknowledged and legislation passed to address it then you are a lot further ahead then pretending it does not exist or that allowing it to exist and grow is somehow an exercise in “freedom”.