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No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is the Mouth of A Shark


No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is the Mouth of A Shark

A broken Abdullah Kurdi buried his two toddlers and his wife in their hometown of Kobani, Syria even as thousands of his fellow refugees continued on their harrowing quest for safety - marching from Hungary to Austria, breaking out of camps, battling to stay on "Freedom Trains" grounded at the station. Kurdi left home believing "anywhere is safer than here." Now, having seen the body of his three-year-old son Aylan wash ashore, “I don’t want anything.” Except this: "We want the whole world to see this...Let this be the last."

we want the whole world to see this," Let this be the last."

Aylan, 3 yr old

“Now I don’t want anything,” What was precious is gone.


I morn the service I gave to this country. It was never meant to build a killing machine for capitalists.


This country betrayed you, and all those brave young men and women who offer their lives in service. First--indoctrination, lies, manipulation. Then, put them out in the front lines to protect capitalism in its many manifestations around the world. Finally, abandon those who have been wounded, whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Truly, we as citizens owe you an apology, along with the most humble and heartfelt apology to all of those who have suffered because of American imperialism.


The only consolation is that in Abdulla Kurdi's Syrian Kurdistan, his poeple are peacefully building a new libertarian socialist society where if successful, no parent will ever need to do what he did trying to find security for his children. In communities like Rojava, in the quiet eye of the vortex of violence, they are "building a new society in the shell of the old", as we say in the IWW.


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I agree with ncycat. You were cheated and we owe you and all who have suffered and apology.


When you build a nation on other peoples's land after exterminating them and drag millions of unwilling others to their shores to cultivate it for the capitalists then it was always meant to be a killing machine.


The West must accommodate all refugees AND rebuild the infrastructure in the countries AND provide the finance needed to bring the economies back to the projected status AND have no favours granted in return.
Just watch as the West tries to stop at a much publicised but limited accommodation.


Thank you for the how to help links, Abby.
This is the refreshing difference of Commondreams as a news outlet.

Also appreciatedm will be more coverage of Rojava.


My husband is right there with you -- he served in Vietnam only to come home to ridicule, derision and serious health problems. I would thank you for your service, but I find that statement utterly lacking in what we should be saying to our veterans, so instead I will say I long for the day when not one more life is wasted in wars waged for selfish, and financial reasons.

Pwr 2 the SOLDIER peons!