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'No One Should Be Fooled': Trump Executive Order on Drug Prices Denounced as Election Year Charade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/no-one-should-be-fooled-trump-executive-order-drug-prices-denounced-election-year


Can you say SMOKE and MIRRORS President ?


I’m still pissed that trump may have taken Wisconsin last election with his healthcare lie.
While in court attempting to kill the ACA, he teams up with Scott Walker to give lying speeches about how they are “all of a sudden” all for protecting the pre-existing condition provision of the ACA.Complete election bullshit. Insulting to the intelligence of voters.


Do you think that Clinton failing to campaign in Wisconsin in 2016 had anything to do with Trump’s win there ?


Can we please acknowledge that we’re in this position because Obama was content to put a healthcare lobbyist working in Max Baucus’s office in charge of writing Obama-RomneyCare?


And that Obama – who was going to run the most transparent process in history – made a “backroom deal” with Big Pharma that guaranteed higher drug prices?


I don’t like Trump, I don’t trust Trump. But Trump is the logical outcome of just the kind of longstanding smoke and mirrors type of spinning you seem to be decrying. The bullshitting gets so continuous and egregious that the voters are content with even more egregious bullshit.


While people should be aware of an Election Year Charade — be vastly more concerned with Emperor Trump’s Election Year Violence Scheme:

Here’s a comment that I submitted to the “Times” — which they accepted, but may not allow in Charles Blow’s 9/13/20 column:

“When Good People Don’t Act, Evil Reigns”

| Pending Approval:

Charles, only “The Irish Sun” — not the “Times“, nor “The Post” — reported Emperor Trump’s threat of violence at polling places on November 3rd, when he said at ‘his’ Nevada Rally, “ ‘NOW I CAN BE REALLY VICIOUS’ Trump blasts Biden, Hillary and ‘sleaze-bag’ Atlantic story in raucous Nevada rally”.

In addition to exposing his willingness to be ‘Really Vicious’, Emperor Trump’s campaign spokesman, Jason Miller, on ABC’s “This Week” carefully explained Trump’s plotting, when George questioned Jason regarding ‘double voting’, and he replied that Trump voters could vote by any method, but should just check that their vote was processed by going to the polls and questioning poll-workers if the AV (already voted) was listed in the voting list.

It’s fairly easy to see what Emperor Trump has in mind by “being vicious”, when one imagines hard right Trump supporters clogging lines at the polls on Election Day and demanding to just ‘check’ the proof that their vote is listed — and add the potentially violent spark of many of his followers igniting and enflaming tempers in states that allow open carry during voting (or vote checking).

When Emperor Trump says ‘NOW I CAN BE REALLY VICIOUS’ — believe it, as much as we should have believed Karl Rove, when he bragged to Ron Suskind that “We’re an Empire now”.

Yes, Ron, “We’re an Empire Now” and this insane Emperor Trump (aren’t they all?) knows he can’t win the election with votes, but envisions a vicious plan for him to win with violence.

So, ---- Now We’ll see if “these ‘Times’ they are a changin” or just blockin the truth.


Apparently, policy can only be proposed or enacted in odd numbered years.
Otherwise, it’s just election year pandering.
Unlike the pandering that happens in other years.


Good point. It tells us that somewhere along the line we have to have legislation that really lays down the law on voting. Federal and state.
If party’s are going to cheat as best they can, then laws need to be laid down and enforced.


Read very carefully folks. This executive order calls for HHS to “explore” implementing some sort of limited price controls on certain drugs. That is all.
The word “explore” is very important. It’s like being told by your parents that “we’ll see”
What trump just said was “we’ll see”, nothing more.


Ok, challenge has been laid down. Will someone in the Democratic caucus of either the House or the Senate or both propose legislation to require that Medicare only pay the highest price negotiated by any other health service in the world – for all drugs. That way if it’s an election-year stunt, the Democrats will be calling the president’s bluff.

I wouldn’t expect much. No way that the DNC, Pelosi, nor Biden/Harris would want to ruffle the feathers of the pharmaceutical industry when running a campaign with no popular policy prescriptions, just more of the “we’re not Trump” strategy that failed in 2016. I’m sure that big pharma executives have already sent their bribes to the campaign to keep the issue of lowered drug prices off the table.


But Obama had good teeth, ya got to give him that…


If either Trump or Biden simply came out for M4A, they would pretty much guarantee their winning the election. 80% of Democrats support it, and half of Republicans support it (and that number would go up with Trump pushing the idea).
The fact that neither candidate will do it is very curious. Is the money they take in from the pharmaceutical industry going to get them more votes than their coming out for M4A?
Hard to believe that would be true.


Outstanding physique, accomplished jump shot as well.

And I want to type the words “the right intentions,” too. But I can’t.


I recommend you read up on this:


Well, people will be fooled by this, and NPR can’t explain anything straight, and there tRump goes running to the left of Biden. Biden having left the door wide open with his pledge to " not sign any Medicare for All bill". If tRump was smart, he’d come out for the Green New Deal, defund the police and reparations for African Americans, and “yeah, maybe we should have a moratorium on fracking”.
Fucker can say anything he wants, when the path is left wide open for him to claim it.
We need to stop tRump #1, then agitate for lots of things, including Ranked Choice Voting, in order to widen the political spectrum.


Yup he had the kind of teeth you see in kids that are raised in their grandparents upper middle class household:)

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Grandma used to say that the road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions.

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These ‘executive orders’ are the definition of a perfect storm for the repubs. It makes it look like they actually care while knowing that McConnell will block any ACTUAL legislation that passes the House. Man, these people are the definition of EVIL.

If you are still on the fence in terms of voting for Biden, or have already jumped it to not voting at all or third party, GET OFF YOUR HIGH AND MIGHTY ATTITUDE AND THINK FOR JUST ONE MINUTE WHAT ANOTHER TRUMP TERM MEANS FOR THIS COUNTRY. Let’s be very clear, it will be a much easier fight against the corporate dems than it would be fighting a full on Fascist state.


It’s a curious question. There is of course a ton of corruption in politics and perhaps for most politicians they just don’t want to go against powerful interests so that a) they have a chance to make money as a lobbyist later (like Dean, but this wouldn’t apply to Trump or Biden personally), or b) they suspect when a powerful interest goes against you that they’ll find something to sink you with.

Still, after hearing some of Trumps quotes on this as recently as 2016 about a friend who went to Scotland made me fantasize about him throwing a brick in that glass house. Unfortunately he had different targets if he thinks at all.

We need different leaders.

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Can you give us an example of how corporate Dems have been influenced?

Was it prevent welfare reform?
Was it to prevent mass incarceration?
Was it to prevent ObamaCare from being Romneycare?
Was it to close Guantanamo?
Was it to prevent Obama’s Grand Bargain?

Help me out, man. Thanks.