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'No One Should Be Fooled': Trump Executive Order on Drug Prices Denounced as Election Year Charade

One election-year stunt deserves another. I was talking about a possible future Biden administration. Remember back when Obama had control of both houses of congress? Did they pass card check? Did they successfully pass legislation to cap prescription drug prices? As a recall Biden had a part in that administration.

My point is that if Biden if elected, the Democrats will most undoubtedly have majorities in both houses of congress. What will be done with those majorities. Bugger all, I’ll wager. Anything Pelosi proposes this year will be dead when the congress ends because McConnell will block it. Pelosi knows that.

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The Democrats in the USA or typical of all of those Corporate friendly political parties the world over. The right words come out of their mouths when in opposition and they speak eloquently about the need to help the working class and the poor while in opposition. As soon as they get in power all of this tossed aside and they come back with excuses like “we did not know it was this bad…” or some such and abandon those promises.

They will make claims that they can not get such legislation passed because the other Political parties will obstruct such attempts.

They are owned by the Corporations and the one percent. They might bark at them but they will never bite the hand that feeds them.


Oh, you don’t have to convince me that the pretty good bill that passed the House will get watered down to corporate-friendliness on the off chance that the Dems take control of both chambers. Any Dem majorities are necessarily controlled by the needs of Blue Dogs in swing districts, so only the most limited “reforms” are ever possible – like Romneycare.

I was merely pointing out that whenever there’s a shred of hope, some new scene is added to the kabuki show. On the verge of an actually effective, bi-partisan agreement…Then…Oops. Hell, even before a bill is passed we have kabuki. This passage from that link kinda paints the picture:

“Moderate Democrats pushed for a bill that could become law and wasn’t just a messaging document. Progressives argued that since no Pelosi bill would get the time of day from McConnell, the party should go bold.”


I think the “we aren’t trump” message was perfectly acceptable. The voters foolishly didn’t agree.
There sure are a lot of trump yard signs appearing around my city…

Unfortunately, it simply brings home to some of the last believers in an opposition party in the United States that is to the the “left” (and I use that term so loosely such as to lose any meaning whatsoever) that the elites in said party know that those potential doubters (whose votes they believe they deserve) have no other place to go. That must be broken or the Democratic party replaced with a real opposition party. Trump is that petard.

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I think that’s right. It appears a lot of these right-wingers are voting for the LOTE.
Trump being the lesser evil.

It’s almost as if more people are going to vote for Trump. How bout’ that?
Like in 2016, when outside of California, he got more votes in the other 49 states.
It’s like, democracy, or something.

I went through this with Nixon, then Bush 2.0
Too busy teaching my young sons to “Just say no” during the Reagun regime.
The emotional tension is overwhelming, trying to understand where right-wing America is coming from, and going to. So I’ve backed off to save some physical and mental health comfort.

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Harry Truman said it best. When people are presented with a Democrat who acts like a Republican and an actual Republican, they’ll go for the genuine article every time. I keep challenging people who call me a Russian troll to name at least one policy where Biden differs from Trump. I know they should exist, but without support for universal, single-payer healthcare as a right for all Americans, neither will get my vote.


Not voting for Biden, but I’ll take that bait:

Biden is proposing raising taxes on the wealthy (roughly $350billion/year).
Biden wants to phase in a minimum wage increase to $15/hour.
Biden wants spend semi-significantly on green infrastructure.
Biden is to Trump’s right on foreign policy.

Sorry, not clear enough for me. Could you be clearer?

How would “full-on fascism” differ from our corporation-run state where corporations control the MSM and the government? Are those things the same thing, just using different words? I admit that our corporation-run country tries to maintain a facade of democracy, but what’s that facade worth to you?

How would it be “a much easier fight” against the power of corporations? Why would it even be a different fight, let alone an easier one?

I agree with you that “these people are the definition of EVIL.” It’s just that Democrats are as well.

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Biden will say a lot of things. He lies. He claimed to have graduated at the top of his class when he graduated close to the bottom. He claimed to have participated in sit-ins in Wilmington, Delaware during the civil rights era. He repeatedly claimed he never proposed cutting Social Security even when video showing him saying just that had surfaced. I’d like to believe he will be better than Trump, but I sincerely doubt it.

That way it was before and where Biden wants to take us is what brought us Trump in the first place. No universal healthcare, shrinking percentage of unionized workers, perpetual war, pouring cash into the Pentagon and surveillance state, prosecuting whistle blowers and investigative journalists, ignoring climate change, promoting fracking, protecting Wall Street, agitating for war with Russia and Iran, and continuing to overthrow legitimate government with whom we disagree. And the media will be there to cheer him on.

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People are pretty dumb if the only way they might vote for a candidate is if the candidate comes to their state. Google it.

You can’t fix Rome in a day. A vote for anyone but Biden or sitting it out is a vote for Trump. Do you really think that America can endure 4 more years of Trump? Progressives need to learn from their mistakes in 2016.

Will Joe Dough, who’s suckled at the teat of Big Pharma for forever, pounce on this?

Is that a rhetorical question?

In response to your comments, I am going to lightly edit and re-post a comment I made earlier on CD. (I don’t think a Trump win would be any picnic for the US.)

I am amazed that some think the best way to curb the corporate Democrats is to have Trump win in November. That his election would lead to the demise of the Democratic Party is somewhat questionable, given the affiliation of both groups to big money and Trump’s continued efforts to increase income inequality in this country by Socialism for the Wealthy. On the other hand, his win might indeed destroy the Democratic Party – leaving us with a GOP one party system!

Personally, I find the idea of a GOP one party system terrifying. There is real evidence from the first term of office that Trump is intending to destroy the Bill of Rights-- freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of religion – as in to be something other than nominally Christian, freedom to not be held indefinitely without trial… Name a freedom, (except for the right to own assault rifles) and it is on the line.

Beyond that, it is clear that Trump is intending to move all public lands and commonly held goods such as public education, the post office, and Social Security into private investment.

Even if a Trump victory would cause the demise of the Democratic Party (which is questionable and if successful would likely leave us with a one party system!) other clear threats to the survival of any chance of democracy and to the survival of the planet are too overwhelming for me to support any value in a Trump re-election.

Dude, you asked a question. I gave you an answer. I didn’t advocate for Biden. I never do.

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I have no influence and people will do what they please. That’s as it should be. Pretty much I view this forum as people talking to each other, sharing views, information and opinions, and, on occasion, thinking out loud.

What I think right now is this. Trump is unimaginably bad. He’s far worse than anyone imagined. The problem is that Biden is worse.

Whether Biden or Trump wins will make very little difference. Pretty much everything will stay the same – with one major exception. There will be a lot more killing if Biden wins. Biden has promised as much and he’s already taking measures to make it happen. We’ll live in a bloodier world when Biden wins.

That, to me, is the key difference between a Trump future and a Biden future. Everything else will stay more-or-less the same. As for Democrats or Republicans, they say very different things, but so what? They do the same things, Neither party works for us: both parties work for our masters. Right now, Democrats are more hawkish than Republicans. The Democratic Party is now the war party. Further, regarding all the “freedoms” you mention, I don’t think they’re any safer in Democratic hands. So I don’t care much about the future of either party.

People are so eager to get rid of Trump, they’re willing to get even more blood on their hands. I’m not. I’ve had enough. I’m not voting for either of them.

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Everything Trump doea is for his financial benefit, or re-election benefit & this is no different.
Besides, as we’ve seen, he has NO problem going back on his word once he gets what he wanted (votes). Trump is just 1 big ugly FACADE – a fake front that looks like something it isn’t really, & inside there’s nothing there. It’s hollow, empty, a mere shell – a fake thing with nothing inside of any substance.

First of all, what mistakes did progressives make in 2016? A larger percentage of Sanders supports voted for Clinton in 2016 than Clinton supporters voted for Obama in 2008. Remember the PUMAs? Party-Unity-My-Ass? Clinton lost because she is a horrible candidate and a person with neither the skills nor temperament to be chief executive.

I don’t see how we can afford NOT allowing Trump’s reelection, since the Democrats still have not learned their lesson, instead making up a story about Russian interference. We have endured 4 years of Trump because the Democrats field ridiculously stupid candidates. It’s like they want to ape McCain/Palin. Like running Mitt Romney in an election year where those who are profiting from shipping American jobs overseas are less popular that dog excrement.

Kind of like running the ultimate war-monger insider when the country is sick of perpetual war and wants an outsider to be president. There were two outsiders in 2016, Trump and Sanders. The Democrats shivved Bernie and used their influence in the media to promote Trump, who they thought was the weakest opposition candidate. With only one outsider left, the country, out of desperation, voted in an orange-haired reality TV star, an act that should have sent a message to the Democratic elites like Clinton and Obama that going back to the perpeual war and oligarchy that existed before Trump is UNACCEPTABLE.