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'No One Should Be Fooled': Trump Executive Order on Drug Prices Denounced as Election Year Charade

I also notice that Biden doesn’t even pretend to care about doing anything about drug prices.

If Biden was even slightly interested in winning, he would have some sort of proposal out to sound better than Trump.

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As with everything else proposed by this administration when it comes to the working class it is just another PR stunt.

Actually, the Democrats passed a pretty good bill to lower drug prices called The Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act. I’m sure Biden supports at least some it.

But the story of how Democrats take something meaningful and then water it down to uselessness when there’s an actual possibility that it might pass – even (and especially) when they control both chambers of Congress – is the stuff of legends. See RomneyCare for one recent example, see The Paris Accords for another. This time around, the Ds were saved from The Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act ever coming to a vote by both Mitch McConnell, who won’t let pretty much anything the House passes come up for a vote, and DJT, who actually likes the bill but was too pissed about being impeached at the time to support it any longer. A short and worthwhile read on this bill for your pleasure:



Let’s say you’re driving along the interstate and you take a wrong turn. Now you’re headed in the wrong direction. But if you continue the same way, eventually you’ll come to another turn which will set you right.

That’s where we are with Trump. We’re headed in the wrong direction now, and we need to get to the turn off that will put us back on the right path. Then, when we get there, we need to take that turn off.

But Biden isn’t that turn off. Rather, electing Biden is going back and taking the same wrong turn that got us here originally. We’ll drive all the same wrong miles again and we’ll be even farther from the turn off we need to take. We need to get through Trump, past him, and move on. We don’t need to go back and arrive at Trump once again down the road.

We gain nothing by making the same wrong turn again. Don’t confuse going backwards with correcting our direction.

Electing Biden is worse than continuing through Trump.