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'No One Should Be Fooled': Warren Rips Trump's HHS Pick Over Desire to Gut Medicaid


'No One Should Be Fooled': Warren Rips Trump's HHS Pick Over Desire to Gut Medicaid

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"You want to smile and pretend otherwise until you get the job," Warren said.


If they don’t take corporate money, they can’t get elected. That’s the way it works, unfortunately.


“But you want to smile and pretend otherwise until you get the job,” Warren added. “No one should be fooled.”

That’s what ALL of Donnie’s nominees should be told.


Bernie Sanders waves hello.


Of course the incentives are towards higher prices. Instead of letting markets function, money is continually spent on subsidy and interference.


this guy has no business being in a posiion of authority over our medications or anything else.


Say whatever you like about Warren but she is absolutely correct on this!


“Honorable” does not qualify as an appropriate adjective for this prevaricating individual–he is a down right perfidious apparition.


I am heartened to hear more public individuals calling out the many lies swirling around us.


Someday the tables will turn on these cruel and greedy fucking jerks. Likely long after I’m gone, but the tables will surely turn.


I think that amounts to apologetics. It has to stop…the taking of corporate money.


Just stating the obvious, no more than that.


I really like how out spoken Elizabeth Warren is. That is why I want her to run for president and be the first feisty female president of the United States.


Warren for Prez!!! The Trump administration in the White House and the Republicans in control of congress are a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Trump is not just bad as president he is absolutely horrific.

President Trump Job Approval|Gallup|Approve 37, Disapprove 58|Disapprove +21
|Direction of Country|Rasmussen Reports|Right Direction 38, Wrong Track 56|Wrong Track +18.

Check out the Real Clear Politics polls page.


Is there no end of totally unsuited applicants from the Republican’t Party? How many anti governmental program tools have we got sucking the life out of programs and departments already?


To answer that we would need to know how many programs and departments we have.
Or just say all of them.


Even a cursory inspection reveals that Republican politicians and functionaries don’t actually believe in government (let alone democracy), unless they can get rich from it.
Remember’s Ronnie’s deathless words: "What are the nine words you should be most afraid of? I’m from the government, and I’m here to help."
He got away with that, just like they do today.


One possible way out of this perpetual conundrum is to amend or abolish the corporation per se, so that we are no longer effectively helpless before it.


But that would mean abolishing people! Cuz, you know.


As reported here on CD in another article, infant mortality is sky high when compared to other wealthy nations. Senator Warren is right on track slamming these sicko’s, this cancer we have for a government.