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'No Other Path to Redress': South Carolina Prisoners Appeal to UN After State and Federal Officials Ignore Pleas for Livable Conditions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/no-other-path-redress-south-carolina-prisoners-appeal-un-after-state-and-federal

While the conditions at SC. jails appears to be exceptionally grim, lets be honest, the whole dam US prison system, states and federal, needs to be burned down and start over. Not just the structures, but the system itself. The private prison industry has accelerated the terrible conditions in their industry and government run facilities. When the government run institutions see what the private industry gets away with, then they emulate that same behavior in their facilities. Since the inception of the drug war, the citizens should be ashamed of what the government has been doing in the prison arena in their name, but far too often the citizens fall for the propaganda, and cheer on increasing incarceration rates.


But but but Putin is a tyrant and despot and people in Russia have no rights! Maduro has to be overthrown because he a dictator and prisoners are tortured in North Korea!

Please write out another Cheque to the Pentagon for 1 trillion dollars so the wrongs committed against the people in Russia, Venezuela and North Korea can be corrected!


“Beware of those with a strong urge to punish”

Beware of our former slave holding states –

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What is wrong with us, as a people? We are so proud of ourselves and our country and yet we can be so cruel to those who require mercy and so complacent about the things being done in our name and paid for by us. We are at war with many countries and internally we are at war politically. We blame the poor for being poor, we bankrupt our children with college fees before they enter the working world. We admire the rich without expecting anything admirable about them except being rich. We expect the sick to get up from their sick beds and face health care bills that make them collapse. And most of all we are scaredy-cats. We don’t want to rock the sinking boat we are in. We want to elect a centrist who will allow the boat to sink further but at a steady pace or maybe a bit faster. We all need a good pair of glasses because we can’t see beyond our own borders and have extremely blurred vision of what other countries are like. We are the emperors of the world, blind to the fact that we are unclothed, but satisfied that wrapped in our flag we are more beautiful than any other people.


Martha –

Maybe it’s the fluoride in the water –
Maybe too many of us are married, with children –
Maybe we’ve always understood that our nation was wrong and still is –
and didn’t know that so many others felt the same way that we did.
Maybe if we can get Bernie the nomination and presidency – we can do it?
But it has to be with non-violence – using our intelligence.
We can take guidance from those who freed the slaves – the African-American
campaign for Civil Rights – the Homosexual Campaign for their Civil Rights –
Women who have conducted a campaign over thousands of years to lift their oppression.

We can follow Greta Thunberg on FRIDAY’s – along with Jane Fonda and Code Pink –
Gradually coming out into the streets –

Together we can find our courage –

The boring stuff –
First up is Our Founders who didn’t create a democracy; they created an Elite/Patriarchy.
Topped off by saving the system of Slavery for themselves and their fellow elites which
GUARANTEED the Civil War – which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into
two camps of hatred which still echo today.

“Christianity” is the second culprit with it’s underpinning of White male supremacy and war/
oppression on everyone else – Women, Jews, Heretics, Pagans/Natives, Gypsies,
Homosexuals - Africans and all of Africa for exploitation.
We need to stamp out “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” as BS.

Thank you for your reply, Barbara. I agree with everything you wrote. I am a peace vigiler so, like you, rule out violence. I imagine that the mistreatment of South Carolina prisoners results in creating seriously disturbed prison workers, also, leading to dysfunctional families and the circle, it goes round and round. Jackie Cleary

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