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'No Pay, We Stay': 23 Days Into Train Blockade Protest, Kentucky Coal Miners Demand Stolen Wages With Support of Progressives Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/no-pay-we-stay-23-days-train-blockade-protest-kentucky-coal-miners-demand-stolen

“I’m kind of up in the air.”

Keep in mind he’s saying this in the spirit of fresh outrage. Plenty of time for him to calm down and get his priorities straight.

Oh, and remember all those articles telling us how offensive it is to ask why they keep voting against their own self interests. It means we’re being unsympathetic.


Keep on doing what you have always been doing and you will keep getting what you have always been getting. Too many of these miners have been voting for Moscow Mitch ever since they were old enough to vote. They need to incorporate an active campaign against his re-election as part of this protest.

If these miners think the coal companies are bad, wait until Mitch’s Russian aluminum outfit moves into Kentucky.



Hup 2, 3, 4, … ABOUT FACE!

Present your arms, mind, work ethic and hours to turn this baby around. It is only going to get worse the longer this slippery slope to the abyss lines politicians pockets and greases their puppet strings held by predatory corporations - virtually ALL now that the financial system and the Fing FED and central banks have written the nation into 300% plus or minus debt. F that shite, NOW and FOREVER !!

As for the insane military - the purported laast line of defense… doesn’t anyone get it? The poverty of concepts and ideas of the ideologues have become so self-referential that they can’t even SEE the Constitution much less the Bill of Rights! There is no compass other than bullying - hence the military has become the FIRST option. That needs to end NOW!

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I wonder if they’ll ever learn that elections aren’t football games . . .

Elections Have CONSEQUENCES!!

I suggest a campaign song along the lines of ‘Moscow Mitch’ don’t run things any more, to the tune of ‘The L&N Don’t Run Here Any More’, an old blues song about the demise of the coal-hauling railroad between Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.   Hopefully someone can come up
with a refrain or two which will lead to the demise of McConnell’s reign of terror in the Senate.


These people vote for the worst of the worst and what do they expect----the same for Ohio------they are getting what they vote for---------And I’m sure if McConnell had his way he would lower the minimum wage to 5 bucks an hour.

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Trumps tools wear MAGA hats so they are easily identified, the Democrat Party Corp. tools achieve the same with Russia references.

This would be a great time for the Green Party or the People’s Party to run a senate candidate in Kentucky. Replacing Mitch with a Blue Dog actually loses ground.

“We’ve worked years in the coal mines. [The pension] was promised to us,” Tom Phillips, a miner who voted for Trump in 2016, told NBC News on Wednesday.

Tom, do yourself, the working class, your kids and everyone else a needed favor and stand in solidarity with our kids for a livable planet and for green jobs the world over.

Strike For Climate September 20. Everywhere. No. Excuses.



Why just 5$, they would eliminate it completely if they could.

Not Moscow Mitch! Evil Mitch. Moronic evil Mitch! To not make into law the protection of one’s pension! How do these people think a person is supposed to survive! Sorry, to live! We should be living, not surviving! “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

If you are a strong advocate for addressing climate change, these are exactly the people that we need to support and ally with. Support for these ex-miners is part of the just transition to a renewable energy future. It includes economic justice.

What is deemed “focusing?” Dealing with issues is our job, not looking the other way and pretending there is no there there. Hard to keep all of the things that require investigating straight with the trump bunch. Especially with everything starting out with a time stalling law suit.
Russian / republican underhandedness, legal or illegal is real. What level of attention it should receive is the question.