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No "Peace Process" Exists to Destroy, But Trump's Jerusalem Decision Dangerous as Hell


No "Peace Process" Exists to Destroy, But Trump's Jerusalem Decision Dangerous as Hell

Phyllis Bennis

Direct violating international law is nothing new when it comes to U.S. policy towards Israel. What is new, however, is the deliberately provocative, reckless nature of Trump's decision despite the various and far-reaching risks


[No “Peace Process” Exists to Destroy…]

That is as true a statement as I have heard in seventy years.


Trump, being mentally dysfunctional, lives in an alternate universe. Only a man that is criminally insane and who belongs in a insane asylum could make that statement!


Organized superstition will be the death of us.


If the Saudi-Israeli alliance withstands this move, watch Russia put lots more aircraft into Syria and a few more submarines in Syrian waters.

Russia doesn’t need Saudi oil, we do. In fact the US imports close to 4B barrels a year.

I wonder how negotiations centered on wiping out KSA’s military and oil production will turn out? At $500/barrel, Putin stands to make a killing.


This is an excellent article that accurately describes how a dangerous psychopath like Trump can take advantage of decades of horrendous U.S. Duopoly capitalist-imperialist policy and practice – and even further endanger the fate of the Earth, its peoples and other beings that make it up.

The Duopoly birthed the abomination of that is Trump, but we are all paying the price. They will continue to give us different versions of the Idiot of Orange (see Pence/Clintons/Bushes/Obama, etc.) until we dismantle their “system.”


IMHO, it’s not Tweetle-Dumb so much as his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Sheldon Adle-Brain et al who are pushing this move.  Of course the biggest beneficiaries will be the arms manufacturers & maybe Eric Prince’s mercenary army ‐ a LOT of people profit when there’s a war, so why worry about a few thousand casualties?

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You couldn’t possibly mean “religion” instead of “superstition”, could you?
OOoooops — I forgot . . .   They’re synonyms, aren’t they!


This is definitely not true. I am Democrat and I know Pres CLINTON made this decision in 1995. Whether we mover our US embassy or not, Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. I cannot understand how so many people can join the mob against things are actually right, giving into propaganda and of course we do not like Trump, but some anything touched by him does not become Wrong.


Nothing like focussing the outrage of a whole religious community against you to ensure ‘peace’.

This could be the beginning of the end of Israel. All of the Islam world against Israel.


I see in the article a lot of rage that what should be, isn’t, despite many UN Security Council resolutions ordering peace, rights and separation, despite ‘violations’ of international law, because of ‘evil’ US multi-billion $$ enabling of these violations.

Contrasting views are available. See the Wall Street Journal Friday 12-8-2017, Page A17 ‘Trump Recognizes That Humiliating Israel Didn’t Bring Peace’ Big text= “The President withstands the howling dismay of the world to abandon a failed 70-year-old policy.”

The world has a long list of injustices. I can name >=3 injustices just involving the People’s Republic of China. Ditto for the USA. And so hard to work to right any of them.


Trump is a PSYCHOPATH! Moreover, a CRAZED psychopath! An INSANE crazed psychopath! A CRIMINALLY INSANE crazed psychopath! A MENTALLY UNBALANCED criminally insane crazed psychopath!

Thanks for the political science.


Jerusalem is a treasured monument to ignorance and human failure. In that way it is Capital, second only to Rome.

If the city wasn’t so belligerently and ignorantly perceived as “HOLY” in this scientific enlightened day where too, the best historians are ripping back the curtains hiding past events and reasons for them, their would be no interest in preserving Jerusalem as a frontline theatre of global war.