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No Photos, Please: New Wyoming Laws Stifle Freedom of speech and Make Citizen Science Illegal


No Photos, Please: New Wyoming Laws Stifle Freedom of speech and Make Citizen Science Illegal

Alisa Opar

Jonathan Ratner has been tracking water quality on public lands in Wyoming for more than a decade. As Wyoming director of the green group Western Watersheds Project, or WWP, it’s his job. But dipping a sample bottle into a river may now be illegal—thanks to a pair of new laws Governor Matthew Mead signed in March.


How much campaign money does Governor Mead get from “The frackers,” big ranchers, and Monsanto?

What’s going on in these Northwest states reflects the same gag orders used by Canada’s now ousted Harper. Looks like Harper has a future out West where “freedom” means gagging any whistle blowers or inconvenient truth tellers.


Yup, this is more fascism in action, in plain sight, invisible to the sleeping public. This is not democracy. Wake up people. Time to stand up for something much greater than $$$$$$$$$$$$$.


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil = DO MORE EVIL!


The reasons why the Patriot Act could undo our Constitution are apparent in laws like this, in Florida’s governor ordering that global warming not be discussed on state reports/documents, on attempts of states to change history books and and science texts.

The truth is out there…

… just not here at home.


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I wonder when Common Dreams, other left wing blogs and our free speech in these posts will be illegal? I hope I am wrong, but I think it will not be long until it happens.

I have worked and consulted for many large corporations and, while working there, if you mention left wing politics, people scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on. There are many ways to shut people up.


Why isn’t the NRA and the right wing talking about all the Constitutional Amendments that are being obliterated besides the second Amendment? Especially the first and fourth Amendments?


Keep in mind that these types of laws are what are being advocated and promoted in those so called “free trade deals” like the TPP.

In Wyoming this law was passed premised on the finding that the “data” pertaining to whether are not a given entity was polluting the water supply or environment was the property of that entity. Thus measuring that data and reporting on it deemed “theft of private property”

This the very thing the TPP evolves towards. Individuals wrting on the internet about pollution in a given area caused by some corporation will be charged with theft of data and or interference with "right to profits " (see the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act as an example).


A corporate wet dream come true .


There is actually a provision in the PATRIOT Act that makes it a crime to gather and collate information from open sources . Technically , this makes possession of a human brain illegal ! The absurdity and arrogance of the corporatocracy is absolutely mindboggling .


The NRA’s sole mission is to sell more product, specifically arms and ammo.

The NRA uses the second amendment only to give its members a talking point to distract from the organization’s sole mission.


Ouch! Commenters in “Cascadia” won’t like you characterizing the politics of Wyoming as “Northwest”. But then again, having said that, the “Cascadians” mustn’t spend much time in their own states east of the Cascades.


Most employers for any better-paying white-collar job these days do a thorough internet search of the job candidates - not just their Facebook pages but whatever comes in a thorough name search - virtually all the views expressed here in this comment section would render a person unemployable for any living-wage job.

So I frankly have little patience with poeple who pontificate against those like me who use aliases and nicknames - although I certainly give enough clues here for many to figure out my “real identity”.


Cheney has infected his state. Others are catching it.


I was not aware of this provision in the US patriot act but am not in the least bit surprised.

The purpose of these acts passed after those so called " terrorist events" is to include provisions buried in all of that legalese to protect and enhance corporate power and by extension the power of the one percent.


You are so right raydelcamino. I think a good defense against them would be to try to overturn the law banning US citizens to buy guns through the mail that was passed after Kennedy was shot. Then the NRA would have to show their true selves. Not that I am really for overturning that law.


During the Raygun Regime, prior to internet communication, those same employers demonstrated the same prejudice against anybody who was in any way spotlighting Raygun revolution facts that most Americans preferred to ignore or discount at the time.


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The governor of Wyoming along with the state legislators all seem to be getting funds from the big ag corporations who are operating in Wyoming. But the governor and the state representatives are also going along with suggested legislation by ALEC it would seem. If this whole thing keeps popping up in other states then it’s got to be ALEC.