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'No Policy, No Facts, Just Displays of Violence': Ocasio-Cortez Says Hysterical Ad Proves GOP Has No Response to Progressive Vision

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/13/no-policy-no-facts-just-displays-violence-ocasio-cortez-says-hysterical-ad-proves

It’s just so easy to counter republican talking points on “socialism.” Socialism is fire and police forces paid for by common taxes. Public schools paid for by taxes. Public infrastructure, including for better or worse) the interstate highway system and all public roads, bridges and buildings. Public parks maintained by taxes. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The list goes on with all the public good achieved by democratic socialism in this country and in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany (God forbid we should end up like them, crushed under the boots of evil socialists, only to receive free health care, schooling, etc.).


They can’t win unless they cheat, or unless they terrorize the public, because ultimately they stand for nothing but greed, religious bigotry and racism.


It’s only going to get worse. There have been, and currently are no, consequences for their actions. Therefore no reason to change them. On the contrary - they work. They need to start paying a heavy price


If only Heng had run more ads like this in her House campaign.
Then she would’ve picked up a little more of that crucial cray-cray/over50 demographic.
And still lost by 15 percentage points.

Every time I wonder how much further this country can slip off the rails, I get an answer.


This Courageous Woman Represents my old neighborhood in the Bronx.

I am outraged by the demented actions of people who disagree with her Political Views.

Obviously AOC and her intelligent defense of Progressive Ideals is causing a Temper Tantrum among the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party.

They are stamping their feet and foaming at the mouth because her Humanitarian views are difficult to dispute logically.

Therefore they must resort to Lies about the Benefits of so many Democratic Socialist ideas.

Pretending that the Barbaric Death Battalions of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia were the result of Socialism is beyond absurd.

Unable to refute the Benefits that Socialism has brought to Scandinavian Countries, Health Care Throughout Europe and the Interstate Highway System in America, they resort to Lies and Fabricate Ridiculous Tales that Socialism leads to Cruelty.

Although I am proud of AOC, I also fear for her life. These reckless insane Republicans have put a Target on her back.

Just look at the Mass Murder in El Paso that Trump influenced with his disgusting rhetoric about Mexicans coming across the Border.

This Country is filled with examples of Political leaders being Assassinated by people who disagree with their agenda:

JFK, RFK, MLK, etc., it is not unreasonable to think that Provocative Misleading AD’s could resonate with deranged individuals and lead to an Assassination.

Elizabeth Heng and the Gang of Thugs that produced this Horrific AD should be prosecuted for Inciting Violence against a Congresswoman.

AOC - VP - 2020


She’s not too popular with the corporate Ds either.


There is a monstrous irony here. Elizabeth Heng is apparently not stupid, as she is presented as a graduate of Stanford. She is certainly aware of the circumstances of the rise to power of the Khmer Rouge, in addition to what they did once they were in power. I presume she is very aware of who Richard Nixon was, and where he was born and grew up and later maintained the “Western White House”; she was a staffer for Republican Congressman Ed Royce, whose district included Nixon’s birthplace (or at least surrounded it on three sides due to gerrymander). US bombing of Cambodia, in response to widening of North Vietnamese supply lines into Cambodia to avoid US bombing in Vietnam, played a major role in toppling the government of Cambodia and greatly facilitating the Khmer Rouge takeover. The Commander in Chief of the US military at the time was Richard Nixon, President of the United States and leader of the Republican Party.

Elizabeth Heng is a member of that party, which killed so many and helped put the Khmer Rouge in power.

Somebody needed to point this out.


That will never come from the Dem leadership. No, the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi WELCOMES these attacks on AOC.


Happy Anniversary GuildF312!S:
Your anniversary present limerick:

To cheat and terrorize the public,
while dissing their own sweet republic
They think they are rad,
but truly quite mad—
Those GOPers are really quite UGGlic! : )


Ohhh this is so awful as the GOPers are now going to focus on women taking down women, and sadly also using their most used weapon----LIES.

And Elizabeth Heng, you make me sad.:

I like what the Greeks said about the EYES. They are said to be," the mirror of the soul."
So, Ms Heng—AOC’s eyes are alive with thought and purpose, but yours seem lacking in that special something that is elusive, but so necessary for a leader.
AOC has this eye, with love, light, and they shine out with ideas and thoughts.
I am sorry Ms Heng, but your eyes, like those of Marley and his ghost, which are “deader than a doornail.”
I don’t know why you lack that light Ms Heng----but without it, you won’t get very far on that High Road of Truth and Morality!



Just as Hitler fell, Mussolini fell, Idi Amin, Stahlin, Lenin, all fell.

Trump will too.

In the end, “The Power of the People, will be greater than the people in power.”

It is a damn shame, it takes so long to punish abusive politicians.

It’s also a crying shame that 95% of the voting electorate cannot see that their support of the two corporate parties, their votes, enable the crime, the corruption, and the total inequality in benefits distributed by this federal government.


R.I.P. - Eddie Money.


Yes they did fall, But look at what happened to each of those countries once they fell. Too bad The Democratic Party was sold off to the oligarchs in the 80’s

We’re Screwed


Not good for the youngsters out there, to be sounding so hopeless.

not sure it’s good to refer to the fall of Hitler and ignore what that cost Germany - and the rest of world.
Reality is a bitch

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Ain’t it the truth. And Happy Anniversary.

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My goodness, dare we accuse republicans of hypocrisy or lies? Damn right we should.


California has been a long-time political bellwether, and the cracker doodling on display in this ad has been the CA. ReThugs stock and trade for many a year. While it gave them a temporary sugar high in the 90’s via Proposition 187, it was disastrous long term. But like an addict hooked on what will kill them, they just can’t give it up as they have nothing else. Thus they dive deeper into their addiction as it is what defines them…and they are beyond help as they are firmly in denial, let alone having hit bottom. Thus what the rest of us must do is practice ‘tough love’ and try to mitigate as much as possible the damage their addiction will do, including being prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent them from dragging us down with them.

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AOC -VP. Great idea, but she is too young.