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No Politico Wants to Know: We Are Patients


No Politico Wants to Know: We Are Patients

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

It is hell out here for patients right now in America. There may be a swampy, dirty-flash flood going on in D.C. right now, but there are precious few elected officials who see patients as patients. We are health industry consumers. We are political props for both sides of another ridiculous, costly and futile battle over who will please the industry and its political champions enough — who will grow profits across the board. Patients are on the losing end of this upheaval.


Greed pretty much sums up one of the root causes of the predicament humans are in on many fronts including the nightmare that is the u.s. medical extortion/killing system that some still call health care.

It puzzles me that so many people believe Elizabeth Warren is a "progressive champion".

Donna states:
"We are asking one of our progressive champions, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to stand with us.'

The fact that we have to ask E.W. to stand with us is evidence that she is anything but a "champion" for progressives.

There are people literally dying (or as Donna writes above, looking for assisted suicide) due to this pathological health extortion system and they are begging the likes of E.W. and other politicians to support medicare for all. This is beyond shameful.

As is this:



The table looks out of date. No senator from Vermont supports Medicare for all?


Some folks have no understanding of the fact that there is NO hope of Medicare for all at this time. While that time may come (I hope), for now we need to stop the bleeding, and indeed, stop the effort to destroy Medicare. The republican plan would shorten the trust fund life of Medicare by 1/3. IF we ever get democrats in control again, and Obamacare has not been destroyed, then that program could be expanded to help the middle class, which is where it really falls short.


Medicare for All would be an easy victory and a no brainer in a functioning democracy, but this is a wholly owned corporate state and a Medicare for All option has no political capitol. It is considered bad for business and has NO chance of passage. We'll be lucky if what we do have of Medicare, not to mention Social Security and Medicaid, even survive the next four years.


I agree Monkes tale. And yes we need to stop the literal and figurative bleeding.
The notion of Medicare for all in our lifetime is about the same fantasy as a global cessation of using fossil fuels and keeping the temperature rise at 2c.

As Debbie downer-ish as that sounds, I believe that is the reality.

Went to a medical facility yesterday and it was like the twilight zone.
Terrified staff fearing what will unfold this year and beyond.

To top off the day I went to my accountant to fund the empire in the form of income tax. Everyone was dutifully waiting in line with their checks to the fed and the state. And I once laughed at the idea of zombie apocalypse :wink::scream:

This will be the last year I will fund empire via taxes when so much money goes to the mic, subsidies for the ff industry and factory farming. I vow to not pay for this killing machine anymore----even if it means living in a one room shack or leaving the country.



I could only wish I had a tenth of the the courage and fight in me that you have had over all these years bravely fighting the syatem while fighting to stay alive yourself.

Your letter brought tears to my eyes. Only in sick-sick fucking Amerikka would someone have to contemplate invoking a "right to die" because of the prospect of medical-care induced destitution.

Fuck Amerikkka fuck Amerikkka fuck Amerikkka!


I agree, Yunzer. It's an absolute effing obscenity that we do not have universal health care in 2017!! Jaysus, what the hell does it take. All the other wealthy democracies have universal health care and have had it for many years. Truman proposed a national health care system in 1947 but was knocked down by the GOP and AMA. It took a bully and monster like LBJ to get Medicare and Medicaid passed. It will be many years before we can even contemplate having a national health care system. The GOPers are vile vicious Ayn Randian scum who should rot in hell and the Democrats are gutless and pathetic with a few exceptions. John Conyers reintroduced that single payer bill again which has no chance in hell of even being considered wit the GOP in control.


I largely agree with you, but most of what is called "gutlessness" of Democrats seen at both the federal and especially the state level is really mostly helplessness - at the federal level, they have been the minority party in the house for all but two of the last 16 years. The situation is even worse at most of the state legislatures. And, I'd love for them to move much further left and become more working class conscious, but the election record of those who have done that over past decades is not good. They get red-baited and "tax and spend" smeared by the corporate interest's media and that's that.


Yup, it is from sometime before the 2010 election. Way out of date.


Broke my heart to read this!!!

Yes, we actually have to think about offing ourselves in order to save our families?!

Our for-profit health insurance system is so cruel and heartless and merciless-- it's abominal!


The democrats quit being the "opposition" party long, long, long ago. And using but, but, but the meanie republicans won't let us is not a good excuse, either is being the minority party. The democrats need to stand up for something and be genuine. If Obama and the last election wasn't proof enough that the Ds are quite content with the status quo then I really don't know what it will take to convince some.

Truman: "The people don't want a phony Democrat. If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat... "


See, I do NOT get your type of thinking AT ALL. It's obvious that today's republicans wish to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and SS. The WORST that democrats might do is to slow SS increases, for instance, by a tiny bit. Then you call giving health insurance to an additional 20 million people merely "status quo." I REALLY don't know what it will take to convince some.


Viewed your link Caroline, and found it depressing, to say the least. We were never the perfect country as it was presented to us growing up, but we used to be better than this! In my 70 years I have
noticed that our society has gotten meaner, greedier, and more selfish every decade, save the Sixties. For a brief period, it seemed our society was evolving into something better; but, beginning about
1968, the Radical, Right-wing, Reactionary, Repressive, Regressive, largely "Religious" Fundamentalist, Authoritarian types began a steady, well-funded counterattack, which really picked up steam during
the "Greed is Good" Eighties.

For many years now, I've hardly ever heard us called "citizens". Now we are "consumers". Now everything necessary for basic survival seems to be already considered a commodity for investing/trading/betting/hedging, or it is at risk of becoming one. Investor rights trump human rights every time (for example: DAPL). I recently re-read the April 4, 1967 speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
at Riverside Church, in NYC. It stands as a great warning and prophecy. This rapacious greed, our militaristic foreign policies, our lack of empathy as a nation will bring a bitter harvest. I fear for my country!


lemme help you, the reason we are where we are today is due to ... wala: the democrats (and that includes the election of president Trump).

Crappy health insurance that is too expensive to use and benefits insurance exec's isn't progressive. Obama reneged on his promise to provide health care "the same as members of Congress receive" and "the public option," remember. In fact Obama did little to improve the plight of the elderly.

Slow the increase? If you have not noticed seniors are suffering. For the entire 8 years of Obama SS monthly payments increased a grand total, on average, of $8 a month. Over 8 years. Yes I know increases are set but Obama could have taken steps to increase payments or make an adjustment if he had wanted to, he did not. Make no mistake and despite all the rhetoric seniors fared better under the Bush administration. Bush also enacted Medicare prescription drug coverage -- not a democrat.

Here's your status quo candidate that gave us Trump and tried to pass herself off as "a progressive that can get things done..." Hillary Clinton: Single-payer health care will "never, ever" happen http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hillary-clinton-single-payer-health-care-will-never-ever-happen/

You are not going to find anyone that thinks funneling taxpayer dollars into the insurance industry just so Obama can save face a good idea. We pay too much for health care because 30-40% is going to the insurance industry that does not provide any sort of health care. Insurance's first priority is to its SHAREHOLDERS, not the insured, that means to make money and they do so by instituting obstacles to care! In the form of high deductibles, co-pays and premiums.


When I first started working full-time in 1972, medical and dental were covered 100% through company group insurance because insurance was NON-PROFIT in those days and I could go to any doctor, hospital or dentist I chose. When will people wake up? Single payer or Medicare for all!!!


The only way to go is to nationalise the health-care system and cut out the insurance companies, as was done in the UK in 1948. That was achieved not without difficulties in dealing with the "greedy doctors" of the day, but it worked. However, in the USA I think that is a pipe-dream, given the absurd popular USAian concern about "socialism".

What is described in this article is what is happening via the death of a thousand cuts to all health services in all western democracies


You really need to learn how legislative bodies work....

And you seem to forget that Truman defeated Dewey becasue he was very much a red-baiting right winger. But look at what happened to good uncompromisingly left Democrats like Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern, Michael Dukakis.


As a chronic pain patient getting clobbered by the recent spate of DEA/CDC proclamations on medications, you learn first hand that we are target practice for cruel politics from the state and, from the vile private sector, potential dollars for their relentless pursuit of higher bank balances.

But there's no real advocacy for us right now. Dozens of small, splinter groups out there with absolutely zero combined political clout to protect us. Working with Democrats has set us even further behind any possibility of saving our own skins.

We have to find a way to organize in much greater numbers under one umbrella or this is going to get worse. I know two fellow vets who recently opted for suicide. Like me, they were cut off of their pain medication a couple of months ago as the result of a totally unjustifiable intrusion by the CDC on opiates (not their purview, btw, even if one insists on framing it as an epidemiological issue as they have done) and the begged literally for their lives. And were cruelly rejected. And now they're dead. And you can feel the breath of the Capitalist Reaper sticking to the back of your neck with every step these days.

Since we still refuse to literally fight in our own defense, we at least need to get all these disparate issue groups in a concentrated a form as possible, and find some way to make these evil bastards listen. Or else.


Ultimately if we're to have anything approximating a civilized health care system, we'll have to go this way and treat it as a public utility, two words which have tragically been memory-holed from the American lexicon.

Until then, single payer is actually possible--both logistically AND politically, except that we have no political advocates for it. That's why the Democrats are causing so much infernal destruction. They are the obstacle in the way of a genuine opposition politics. They are the party that needs to be disappeared and some other creature needs to rise in its place that is at least somewhat responsible to the people.