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No, Private Schools Aren’t Better at Educating Kids Than Public Schools. Why This New Study Matters


No, Private Schools Aren’t Better at Educating Kids Than Public Schools. Why This New Study Matters

Valerie Strauss

Despite evidence showing otherwise, it remains conventional wisdom in many parts of the education world that private schools do a better job of educating students, with superior standardized test scores and outcomes. It is one of the claims that some supporters of school choice make in arguing that the public should pay for private school education.

The only problem? It isn’t true, a new study confirms.


I guess the answer to why underfunded public schools compete successfully with rich private schools is, to borrow from Bill Clinton:

“It’s the teachers, stupid!”


“The results confirm what earlier research…”

Or as the old guy likes to say, it’s the “definition” of insanity. Support public schools.


Exactly. It’s not like this “new” study says anything new.

Fully-funded public education is a civil and human right.


Private schools are fine if they are PRIVATE, not subsidized by usurpation of the public monies by which our education remains in control of the PUBLIC INVESTING is this aspect societal well being.

The entire premise and practice of privatization is PROOF POSITIVE of the FAILURE of this CORPORATIZATION of the system. Its has thoroughly corrupted and spoiled any functional economic baseline.


Be very aware that the “colonization” which, until industrialization reached “overshoot”, was “externalized” with genocide of peoples throughout history, for false promises of “benefit” for society. The only reason society sees benefits is because the system forces entire movements to CONSTANTLY fight for the right to survive. The system is a version of the walking dead. Have you ever wondered why this is such a predominant entertainment meme?


Follow the money. Billionaires continue to fund charter school marketing and promotion because there is huge return on investment in transferring taxpayers’ money into the hands of the 1%.


There is almost zero data coming from the right wing that is true or honest, private school data is no exception.


Permit to offer this minor edit/clarification:

There is no data coming from the right wing.

I would also note that something that is not true is also not data.


You can hear the charter school enthusiasts clamoring that charter schools don’t count as private schools and so this study doesn’t apply to them. Phooey!

Charter schools differ from private schools only in the source of their finances. Everything else is the same - total control by someone not answerable to the parents, lack of facilities for special needs students, selective admissions, focus on the bottom line, etc. -


On the contrary, you ignore the famous right wing statistician Dr. Otto Hizas. (with acknowledgement to c u n d gulag)


Exactly. Private schools whose funding is private are working to educate the children of the people paying the tab, such as the Catholic school I was in from 3rd grade.
But once you hand public money (which is always with no public accounting or control) then you have nothing but graft, legal stealing from corporations of the public’s money. And the public doesn’t get to see or say anything.
It is bad enough corporations do this with school supplies and construction contracts but to totally hand over all the money to run the schools into private hands means that the main object is profit and for that they show numbers, numbers they manipulate by selecting and rejecting their students, something public schools may not, and should not, do.
Charters keep their components hidden, not unlike those all-in-one stereo systems I avoided when they came out decades ago because they always had pretty front ends but cheap components inside. When I put together my own systems I individually selected and bought the best components (turntables, tuners, amplifiers, etc) and could replace or upgrade any part of the system as needed or wanted.


All schools that take public money should meet minimal education standards. If charter schools do not meet those standards yet continue to get public money maybe the people handing out the money should be held accountable. The money contributed by the citizens is to provide a good education for each child, if the school provides that education why does it have to be a government school? On top of that the parents of most private school children pay more taxes than the average public school child’s parents, why deny private school students their share of the money?


You are saying that people who pay more taxes should get schools with more financial support from the government? With this argument, I suppose they should get more police support, better roads, anything else?

Actually, I believe that the idea of public education was supposed to be that 1) children learn to get along with all kinds of people, and 2) it is in the interests of all society that everyone be well-educated as much as possible.