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No Public Figure Has Even Thought About Dragging Trump's 11-year-old Son into Russia-Election Controversy. But His Dad Just Did


No Public Figure Has Even Thought About Dragging Trump's 11-year-old Son into Russia-Election Controversy. But His Dad Just Did.

Jon Queally, staff writer

President of the United States woke up Tuesday morning and thought this would be appropriate


I know it’s a stock photo, but that look in Melania’s eyes does NOT seem to be a look of love.


What an unaccountable coward to hide behind his ‘special’ young son; mere mention of the 'twit-n-chief’s notions make me throw-up in my mouth.


This would probably be the best time ever, for Melania to take Barron and return to her New York home and begin divorce proceedings.

Money isn’t everything Melania. You are too young and beautiful to live with someone who loves only himself, money, and power.


That photo has a Thousand Words in it.


Barron has already been dragged into it. Remember the “autistic” comments?


Whatever happens, I just hope Trump keeps tweeting. It’s pure comedy gold.

In a dark humor kinda way.


Move along, folks, nothing to see here but a sick f*ck distracting attention from his party’s political mayhem.


I would agree except that he cares nothing about the party. It’s his own political mayhem driving the bus under which he’s willing to throw absolutely everyone. I’m thinking that other daughter (forget even her name) is the brightest of the bunch, staying out of it all. Barron didn’t have a chance.

And @bligh, tell us why djt is so interested in autism, especially the anti-vaxxer stupidity? I don’t want to see Barron pestered, but I don’t want my granddaughters exposed to measles, mumps, etc. because the POTUS buys a load of corrupted science and the Congress is glad to relieve insurance companies of covering preventive care that saves children’s lives. (I survived 3 days of delirium with rubella in the 1950s.)


It was bad enough being a member of the Trump family prior to his POTUS run.

Now they all have spotlights shining on them 24/7.


Bks . Don’t know, it must be because Barron has autism right!? I’m not interested in giant leaps of logic like that one. I think he must be listening to people like anti vax Robert F Kennedy jr., as Kennedy apparently thought he was going to be appointed on some sort of “vaccination board”. I have had all my kids vaccinated and think the anti vax people have a screw loose. Honestly, the only people I know that believe that anti vax crap are a couple of college professor friends of mine.


If nothing else it gives us a small window into the madness that happens in the federal administration, which I suppose is better than a complete black out.


The loathing in her expression is palpable. “If looks could kill…” as the saying goes. DJT would throw any and everyone under the bus to save his own bacon.


I actually view those tweets as a large window.


The only ones in the spotlight 24/7 are the ones chasing the spotlight. Contrast ivanka with what’s her name.


I see daggers


As long as I have been old enough to understand the concept of privacy the First Family has been for the most part off limits. When they engage in public actions these are reported but commentary is generally kept to a minimum and unflattering comments are avoided. Strange that DT would risk this unspoken courtesy to try to garner sympathy. There is a line one must cross to go from egocentric to being sociopathic. I question that Trump even knows about it or would recognize it if he did.
Hey DT, If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen!


Perhaps but unfortunately it is not large enough still since some stuff the current administration is doing still gets largely unnoticed.




I reckon I’m a bit slow but who is what’s her name. There have been a whole bunch of politically active first ladies pretty much since they got the right to vote.