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'No Question' Trump and Daughter Ivanka Could Face Jail Time for Tax Fraud After Leaving White House, Says Legal Expert

Accountability should be just as important as policy. People in power should not be seen as being above the law. Hang 'em high.


As long as the CIA (Barr) is running the DOJ, no charges will be filed. And I believe he would first have to be impeached, then prosecuted, the ® run senate won’t let that happen.


I think your right, that has him scared shitless, no pardon will save him from that.

Anyone else notice in photo, Bimbo Barbie is too lazy to pick up a shovel full of dirt for a ground breaking photo op.

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Being the lesser of two evils is not actually a good thing. You are still left with more evil than before. When was the last time good was on a major party ticket? 1980? Isn’t that actually terrible, and quite disturbing?

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The one run by MIB on the Moon. With Boris the Animal as Trump’s new BFF. And Ivanka as Boris’s new girlfriend. Though old girlfriend was superhot in those opening scenes of MIB3…complete with fetish Louboutin stilettos…

The government doesn’t fuck around with rich people its prosecuting for tax evasion. It takes all their stuff. Literally. And then it stakes out their houses. Even if its over 100 degrees outside, they wait.

I have to admit, it would be great to see Donald and Ivanka get jailed for trying to get away with lying in order to get away with paying no taxes.

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There is a huge unknown factor we’re ignoring and thats trade deals, which make a lot of what Biden is saying dishonest. A lot of the things he’s saying would happen with Trump is out of both of their hands.

We’ve already been sold down the river by Clinton’s signature on the WTO enabling bill, the URAA on December 8, 1994.

The ACA is not being contested but it will likely be, by India. Soon. Because they say its protectionist, its protecting US jobs, jobs which they say we promised away.

They want our patients and jobs. Thats fact. .

ACA was a response to an Obama election where they had to do something.

They wanted to lock in the current system and keep rices from crashing, also they wanted to end free riding, so that means the deal for poor people actually got worse. adding new financial services regulations and making health insurance less profitable, it violates the GATS standstill which we pushed like crazy for in the 90s.

TISA contains the equivalent of a new standstill but it loks back at GATS dates. So it likely wants to revoke the expensive parts of the ACA. Instead it wants foreign financial service providers (banks, health insurance) to come in. It wants the rich to come here for healthcare and the poor to move elsewhere.

It wants to use all sorts of data collected by cell phones, and other means to price health insurance and globalize health care provision and jobs, to lower wages and increase profits. Votes for either of them, they both likely lead to this. they have been planning this huge global theft for decades, really since 1986, so they arent about to abandon it just because nobody in their right mind in the US would vote for it.

No, rigged does not mean we vote for corporate candidate Biden and get democracy back. Unfortunately. The way the rues work it has to get more and more privatized and less and less subsidized. Expanding Medicare actually trggers a trap that makes it unable to continue exempt from GATS so that means it will be insurance not medicare. Most poor people wont be able to afford it so they may get something but its likely not subsidized like Medicare. It will be overseas, they will bring other countries into their movie, mark up the prices a lot and resell them to poor Americans. An procedure like a ectopic pregancy that might cost a self pay woman almost $300,000 in the US might cost her $30k in India. Also, temporarily out of the US she would likely be able to keep her baby, instead of having the so called adoption brokers try to use the fee as a means of taking it.

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Carol, sometimes, there are reasons why previous Democrats get blamed and its because they really did do something very very bad that people still dont know about.

Like how a certain wife of a then President could get away with the lies where she claimed again and again to be doing one thing when it reality she was doing its exact opposite. One example is healthcare while we were actually involved in negotiating the Marrakesh Agreement. Which rigged healthcare and its still rigged and its going to be very hard to get out of this. We may also lose literally tens of millions of jobs because of this deal too. they will go to the rich children of third world oligarchs. Those are the better jobs, Americans may be left with the crap jobs. Douct what I am saying, think again, the original paper was written by Alan Blinder of Princeton university, and not only did his prediction check out, a replication study found it was likely it was a severe underestimation of the jobs we could lose.

How could that happen? Ask the WTO, Clinton gave them jurisdiction. Their plan is to cut wages drastically, not to help the poor as they claim (recently) they originally admitted at the beginnigng, it was to help the already rich get richer,

TISA is even worse! It guts democracy in everything unless its excluded in advance. So imagine how much energy will be wasted when politicians cant fix anything, it will be taken off the table.

progressives will be lucky not to literally be skinned alive after trading away all the good jobs, that must be its intent, its a false flad attack to get the right wingers to go after democrats, like the CIAs old strategy of having Iran and Iraq fight one another, the neioliberals seem to me to want to divide this country and planet so evertbody else kills one another.

Thats truly evil! God please save us from these major creeps.

I think the two parties are colluding with one another to let all kinds of insider crooks get off scot free.


No, we should get rid of the death penalty, if you read history you’ll see why. Good people should always be against the death penalty because its - prone to misuse, to say the least, and permanent. Oftentimes, evidence emerges that exonerates people of crimes they allegedly committed.

Innocent people in particular, have no way to prove their innocence if new evidence emerges after they are dead. Bad leaders always love the death penalty.

Good leaders and democrats are not scared of the truth.

Also, its barbaric. Civilized countries eliminated the death penalty many decades ago.

Well, if they don’t both go to jail, chances are those loans will be need to repaid in full. Not sure which would be comforting…seeing them both locked up or watching them go completely broke. At this point, profiting off the Presidency is the only thing keeping the Trump empire afloat.

The same thing that prevented Eric Holder from prosecuting any of those crooked Bankers when the the AG and in the Obama administration. She is rich.

He suggested it would “cost too much” to prosecute a banker.

The prosecution of both Trump and his daughter for tax fraud would give me reason to dance with joy. They both need to be held accountable for their crimes.

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Nobody seems to look at the Butcher’s Bill. This whole government, including military, is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, mostly civilian, in nations around the world and that includes the US. The government, and the military, are responsible, but nobody ever takes them to court or sends them to the Hague for trial. On the very rare occasions where there is a trial, a few hundred dollar fine and perhaps a vacation until people cool off is the punishment. Many then go right back to what they were doing and people continue to starve, be blown up, and die, while the perps continue to make money. Sadly, I guess that’s now the American Way!