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'No Reason for This—Other Than Greed,' Says Sanders as GAO Shows Medicare Pays Twice as Much as VA for Same Drugs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/no-reason-other-greed-says-sanders-gao-shows-medicare-pays-twice-much-va-same-drugs


Well Greed AND Corruption.
It’s the Corruption of both party’s that enables the Greed to be fed.


No, Senator Sanders, it’s not corporate greed that’s the problem. It’s the blatant corruption of those in our Congress that’s enabled this travesty, a government system that sustains corruption just like this, a system you enable as you continue your association with the unDemocratic Party. The inability of the Medicare program to negotiate pricing was approved by Congress, not by those greedy corporations.


About twenty-five years or so ago, it seemed like every other eligible gal I would meet was a pharma-rep, which immediately disqualified them from my consideration–a decision that I do not regret to this day. A pusher is a pusher, even if dressed in a nice skirt.



VA=Universal Health Care

Medicare=Single Payer w/privatization

Health care is a multi-trillion dollar industry where do you think all that money goes?



Bernie knows its the TRIPS Agreement that’s inflated the price of drugs, and its quite distressing to see him hiding that knowledge.

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There are countries where not long ago, successful candidates were sometimes expected to have sex with prospective customers and their boss as part of their jobs. Russia, Ukraine, probably others. People were that desperate for work they would agree to stuff like that.

Mostly, they just wanted to get out of those countries.

The sad part is that this is not unusual. Corporate governance supported by both parties means all kinds of shady deals and tax dollars enriching those same corporations. People die from lack of health care and unaffordable drugs of necessity but nothing is said and even less is done. Profits are everything, people are nothing.


Kickbacks and all sorts of bribery are the norm in the drug industry.

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Cuck-in-chief Sanders also said that as budget chairman he will be seeking to advance healthcare in the context of “what Joe Biden wants.” Sanders is a sad caricature of what he once appeared to be, and it’s a damn shame. At this point, progressives in the House and Senate can’t sell you out fast enough. The sooner we abandon them as they have abandoned us and start acts of strikes and civil disobedience on a massive and wide-ranging scale, the sooner we will have our demands met - if there is any hope having them met at all, that is.

Every time I see an add for an insurance company or a pitch for a medicare plan my brain gets mushy.
Which vaccination would you like mam? We have three now. A one shot, a two shot, and a maybe one. And the drug being advertised often waits til the end of a list of side effects to tell you oh yeah, it might kill you.
But I still can’t get any medicinal weed.

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Those same Corporations sell their drugs in every Country on this Globe. They will always act to fatten their bottom line. What prevents them from doing so in Countries outside the USA are Governments in those respective Countries.

The lower the prices of drugs in a given Country , the more it due to Governments in those Countries.

Sanders is just telling people what they already know .The GREED of a Corporation is a given. That is why they are in business. It on Government if they do nothing to deal with that greed. Telling them to “stop being greedy” is hardly an effective tactic.

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No argument with the revelation that Part D pays too much… Personally, I do not have Part D, so it’s a non-issue to me, the fact that those that offer it can change their formulary at any time, yet those who are on the plan can only change once a year was what got me to realize what a scam this likely is. What I would like to see is some research which shows whether or not those insurance companies that drop coverage of a drug during the plan have done studies to see how much more profit they can make by dropping certain drugs because they have too many people getting the benefit. As someone who has hated insurance companies for years, I cannot believe that they do not run the numbers often.

No reason other than Clinton/Obama type Democrats and their Republican counterparts.

Next week, after the two new Senators from Georgia are sworn in, Bernie Sanders will be the chair of the Senate budget committee. Watch for bills on the minimum wage, and drug prices, and more to start coming out of that committee. Watch also for Sanders to move these things through reconciliation where possible to make it so only a majority is needed to get cloture.

(of course in the traditional nature of good news/bad news in politics - watch also for Senator Manchin to screw it all up)

Very well said. Corporations are greedy, by their very nature. That’s a given. It’s the responsibility of government to strike and maintain the balance between the conduct of the corporation and the best interests of the people. And it’s that the responsibility our corrupt politicians largely ignore in their personal pursuit of greed. And that’s what Sanders ought to be preaching, instead of his bait and switch garbage.

Just a further word on this and to help demonstrate how bad Americans have it when it comes to the cost of Drugs. Canada does not have a national program to deal with prescription drug prices. We in fact pay the 3rd or 4th highest costs in the world. Canadians are fortunate in that they can still get drug costs covered through private insurance which as premiums much lower then people in the US pay simply because costs for other health care issues are covered by the national program. Even with this when one calculates the fees paid that a given plan may not cover, Prescription drugs are one of the highest health care expenses that Canadians have.

Yet that all said US consumers come to Canada to buy drugs because even the Country with the 3rd or 4th highest costs for drugs in the world have drugs that are significantly cheaper then what Americans pay.

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