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"No Return to the 'Old Normal' for Foreseeable Future," Warns WHO Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/no-return-old-normal-foreseeable-future-warns-who-chief


If only, Trump would withdraw from living.

In the United States of America.

And take the GOP with him.


If Trump were not the leader, how much of a difference would it have made? Remember, this is the land of Reaganism (the government is the problem), the Tea Party (why invest in the public interest?), and rugged individualism (civic responsibility is an infringement on my freedom). Even if some Democratic personage was in charge, we would still be in deep doo-doo.


Trump is the leader?


Is one life enough for you?

Perhaps, but many countries seem to doing a much better job than we are. For example, Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark—all led by women, by the way.

I do agree with your sentiments about Reagan, the Tea Party and their covidiot acolytes.


The Old Normal.
Like when there were Kings and surfs and Women were Property?
Kinda like maga, the old normal. Picture the donald in Stocks.
At night Bears roam the streets and eat donald groin first, as Bears like to do.

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We can never go back to ‘normal’.
Normal was the Problem
Normal is why we got to this point



It helps to know what everybody’s motives (usually financial) are.

Scientists have a working code of academic integrity. They ostracize any colleagues who lie to them. This would be great except they sometimes have a second standard of trust toward the unpaid citizen scientists among us. They always hire their favorite colleagues’ graduate students and they always steer all the grant money toward each other.

Doctors would be much the same except they live in medical lawsuit land, hence there’s a truly nasty and enforced code of silence among the docs. For example, any dentist who dares to say that mercury is known to be a toxic metal that might not be medically that safe for certain vulnerable patients is going to have her license yanked for her entire life, leaving her with enormous lifetime medical debts if she’s young.

The citizen scientists and citizen medical researchers are on their own. Some used to be in medicine or in academia, and they tend to have the same high standards of integrity that they used to have when they got paid. Others fudge the truth because in the short term that really sells. You’re on your own sorting out the good from the bad.

Pharma wants to maximize profits. Elected officials want to maximize their own personal profits. Yes, Pharma will tell the truth if that works, and yes, elected officials will tell the truth if that gets them re-elected. Otherwise, it gets ugly!

With all that explained, I’m going to suggest a number of better-than-nothing avenues of controlling the pandemic. My source is an independent researcher who used to get paid in her earlier career by Pharma.

  1. She states that fixing someone’s vitamin D deficiency does wonders for not contracting covid-19 and for getting over it.

  2. Other promising and relatively inexpensive bottles of pills already on the supplements shelf are vitamin C, zinc and magnesium. Green tea is believed to have some value.

Her articles are at ConnieEash .com


(sarcasm alert) Tedros is such a killjoy. What he’s saying is not important now. What is important is that Disneyworld Orlando is open again for business! Yay!
Come to the Tragic Kingdom America and have a little sidedish of Covid with your corn dog, because you’re entitled to it. You’re American!!!


CDC website reports weekly deaths due to Coronavirus:

April w/e 4/18 - 16895
July w/e 7/11 -137

And we are to believe we are heading in the wrong direction??

"But, he stressed, “it is never too late to take decisive action.”

Oh great. Let’s take decisive action on climate heating and see how that works.

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Then our only problem would be the other half of the lying corporatists.

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The CDC declared in May they were not keeping counts and leaving that up to county and State Health departments. They link to the Johns Hopkins covid-19 website for the most up to date and accurate totals.

Also, the CDC issued a statement this month referring to the Yale study conclusion that between March 1 and May 30 2020 the US had
122,000+ excess deaths compared to the three previous years during that period, over and above the nearly 125,000 confirmed covid-19 deaths.

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I dont think it would be any better under Hillary Clinton, I’m sorry.

(By the way the two are OLD FRIENDS)


And yet, in the COVID context, we face morons with little brains and total power of death over others, and there are lots of them. Sure thing.

We’ll remove them in the second wave.

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So … if the cdc says that cases are down and death rates are down they are to be believed but if they say it’s risky to open schools for in classroom “education “ they are not credible ?

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Agreed. She got what she had coming after using her power to squash Bernie Sanders chances.

It was disgusting to hear of someone who said “we came, we saw, he died”


How would you like Hillary Clinton as Vice President?

I’d be willing to bet she’s going to be the pick.