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No Reward for Sanders’s Israel Stance


No Reward for Sanders’s Israel Stance

Robert Parry

So much for political bravery! Sen. Bernie Sanders had the audacity to say that the Palestinians are human beings, that there are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “not right all of the time” – and lost the New York primary by more than 15 percentage points.

Obviously, there were many other factors, including the tightly closed rules for the New York primaries, requiring voters to have declared their party affiliation by last October or be barred from participating.


This nation could be alternatively described as a plutocracy, an oligarchy, an inverted totalitarian state, or a growing military empire.

Using the last frame, Hillary's job is to carry water for the Military-Industrial-Complex. In addition to the one-sided narratives the American public unrelentingly hears (regarding Israel versus Palestine), what passes for AID is really a back-door payout to weapons dealers and suppliers.

That's why U.S. power-brokers always break bread with tyrants. These individuals require LOTS of armaments in order to maintain control over their own civilian populations. That makes them reliable purchasers of all the deadly goodies coming hot off the U.S. arms' designers' "presses."

In the same way that U.S. "statesmen" and "stateswomen" turn a blind eye to the Saudis treating Yemenis as an opportunity to test all their newly purchased slick weapons, they also turn a blind eye to Israel's use of same.

After all, without tyrants running client states, where would the State Department, the Carlyle Group, and those politicians who carry (more than) water for the MIC do business?

It's come down to THAT, and it is more diabolical than what a normal human being can imagine.


It should have been said but should it have waited to be said until only a few days before the NY primary? We are talking politicians where everything you say may be held against you at all times. Dueling sound bites at ten paces turn and fire! Why say this right before a NY primary when it should have raised flags as a potential time bomb? Say it a month ago and give people and the media time to talk about it. To put it out there like that just a few days before the primary makes me think Bernie was campaigning too hard and was tired. Of course it should have been saiid already but some care should have been taken for saying it more adroitly. We do need to be more even handed and not so one sided but Bernie had to know that the question was going to be a game changer in NYC depending on how he answered. Was it necessary to provide a sound bite about Netanyahu? Just say you want to broker peace and that there is such a thing as too much force used and collateral deaths. Bernie had to know he was being set up going into the debate. Why give them the ammunition they wanted? Speak truth without question but remember the reality of the media's bias. A two state solution, disproportionate force and a need to broker peace was more than enough. The comment about Netanyahu made New Yorkers feel defensive like maybe they were stupid. A mistake.


There is one difference. The Saudis buy US weapons with their own money. The US taxpayers pay for the weapons that Israel buys from US via the "aid" mechanism.



Don't forget the 120,000 voter dump in his native space, Brooklyn.

Still, so sad that people want to hate the neighbors that they dispaced. Sad how much they want to hate, period.


Having the courage and integrity to speak the truth and to be remembered as the person who chose the path of fairness, dialogue and peace means more than any vote count. Nobody's going to remember the words Clinton used to pander to the Israeli lobby and encourage more aggression...but everybody is going to remember the prescient words spoken by Bernie Sanders when it was taboo to speak of both sides as equals.


Are you stupid? No one said it was out of line. Read the comment again it doesn't say what you thought.


Clinton in office would be bad news for any relief for the Palestinian people. Hilary has already said she's going to stop B.D.S. -the boycott, divest and sanctions movement aimed at pressuring Israel to end the brutal occupation of Palestine. It's already been done in France: If you wear a T-Shirt with "BDS" on it you can go to jail. So much for the home of civil liberties. Up here in Canada, the feds have just condemned the movement with an eye, I'm sure, to making BDS illegal later. Several of your states have anti-BDS legislation on the books. Call your elected officials and tell them that BDS is the most effective tool we have to help end the hell that is the Israeli occupation of Palestine. And keep Clinton the hell away from power. We've had enough war.


I think JFK would approve of Sanders' words. That president grew to recognize more than any other we've had that seeking to end perpetual war is the human thing to do, and the mark of true leadership.


He spoke the truth .And only a jewish person can make a statement like that without being called racist . That is why we admire him ! He speaks for the majority of Americans. Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.


If the people of New York really knew who pulled off 9-11 then Bernie would have won by A landslide, that is after the riots and smoke had cleared...


Yes. The Unspeakable.


You're asking Bernie to be something that he is not -- calculated. Clinton, on the other hand, was an old pro at saying exactly what they wanted to hear.


Yeah that is how I figured it went myself but nevertheless in a boxing match fancy footwork is important. The way the question was put into play was a set up and a sad commentary on Clinton's pandering even if she didn't ask it, she was prepared for it. I just think Bernie should have kept some recognition in the back of his mind that the question was a set up. The issue should have been talked about long before this and been dealt with in a more nuanced way than this sound bite quickie. A pandering set up that Hillary ran with but Bernie wasn't allowed to expand on. That is why it was a set up.