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No Room for Business as Usual at the Summit of the Americas


No Room for Business as Usual at the Summit of the Americas

Medea Benjamin

While all eyes during the Summit of the Americas in Panama were on the hemisphere’s presidents and political intrigues, such as the meeting between President Obama and Cuban President Castro or the hostilities between the United States and Venezuela, far more substantial was the separate meeting taking place at the “side forum” of business leaders. A parade of pro-business presidents, including President Obama, flocked to the Hotel Riu to address the Business Forum and greet the CEOs of major banks, oil companies, agribusiness, and other transnationals.


Thank you, Medea for being there and calling out the truth the corporate press doesn’t want citizens to know. I loved the way you stated that at a big U.S. military-drone convention out west the ladies’ bathroom was probably never once used. The masculine bias and weapons’ emphasis of Mars-ruled nations like the U.S. impact all venues of life. I’m glad you pointed this latest idiocy out:

“A comic moment in the business summit was the obligatory panel on “Women’s Economic Empowerment.” The single woman speaker, Marriott Senior Vice President Brenda Durham, was outnumbered by three male panelists—the CEOs of Coca-Cola, Walmart Latin America and McLarty Associates—all “mansplaining” why promoting women to key positions made good business sense. Adding to the irony, the room was half empty as a sea of black-suited men streamed outside into the hallway to wheel and deal.”

Many moons ago “Self Magazine” inquired if I’d like to write their monthly astrology column. At the time I was doing the “Celestial fine-tuning” for another big N.Y. magazine. I was given no reason but “Self” gave me a pass and continued publishing a horoscope by a MALE astrologer. I wrote to their upper management to point out how insulting it was to have a magazine for and about women entitled, “Self” with a GUY calling the cosmic shots.

Men are incredibly insecure beings. They think controlling women is tantamount to equal rights. Everywhere that male dominance or male dominant bodies maintain command, everything that requires caring, balance, and grace goes to shit.


Another excellent column by Medea Benjamin.

U.S. influence in Latin America is failing along with the ‘war on drugs’.

Even the U.S. ability to get rid of elected governments that oppose U.S. policy via coups and assassinations seems much reduced.

What’s next?

If only the U.S. could find groups of laissez faire capitalists accustomed to employing violence and working with those in authority. Then maybe they could continue dominating Latin American affairs.

But where could they find such groups? Who would answer the call for power and cash?


It’s a marriage made in heaven - and we’re already in bed with them.