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'No Safe Amount': Environmentalists Sound Alarm Over Texas Refineries' Release of Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of Pollutants During Storm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/21/no-safe-amount-environmentalists-sound-alarm-over-texas-refineries-release-hundreds


Republicans, these energy corporations, they just don’t care.


Folks, in southeastern Texas and Louisiana there’s more benzine in the air than there is oxygen.
What is going on in Texas right now is a masters level class in Capitalism. Never let a disaster go to waste.
Take a good long gander in the mirror tonite folks. There are baby jails still open along the Texas/Mexico border. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of children have been sold off into America’s corrupt private adoption system, and I fear more than a few are now being used as sex slaves by the latest Jeffrey Epstein. I am an atheist, but boy it sure looks like there is some sort of Devine retribution happening to the people of Texas right now.


They do care about money though, and they are going to have to forfeit a lot of it, unless they understand that there are going to be changes in the jet stream and the earth’s pressure belts.

As long as the blue states keep bailing out the red states, the red states will continue to be failed states.


This that hallowed “free market” at work people. Who needs regulation ? They just cut into profits and pusht energy prices higher. In Texas some seem to think if you pay 200 bucks less a year for electricity then some poor slob over in Vermont , you got 200 bucks to help pay your 30000 dollar medical bill to treat the cancer you caught from breathing this stuff in.

I wait on the inevitable Friedman disciples to show up here defending the sanctity of the free market.


Well, guess what; the governor of Nevada has put forward a bill that will eliminate regulations altogether by giving corporation, particularly big tech, the right to form their own government and appoint the “commissioners” for their new governmental entity recognized by the State. That entity will also regulate schools, utilities, and what normal county governments do. Check it out. ~http://failedevolution.blogspot.com/2021/02/nevada-to-become-officially-field-test.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheUnbalancedEvolutionOfHomoSapiens+%28the+unbalanced+evolution+of+homo+sapiens%29


The writer can come back and edit for the Shell benzene release.
Was this burned off or simply released by good ole Royal Dutch Shell?

The 7 or more steel mills along the south coast of Lake Michigan provide MORE pollutants than this story remarks. In tons per day, per year, per person’s lungs.
However you choose to measure the air quality.
At water discharge, they do make mistakes into Lake Michigan.
Laziness of a worker, supervisor, causes a failing short cut that poisons the water.
Fly over, look down at the water and it is brown.

The BP refinery in Whiting, East Chicago and Hammond is clean.
both air and water.
they are using Canadian tar sand crude which is high sulfur.
and mighty cheap.


Summer of 75, I worked at a chemical company on the Houston Ship Channel, which had facilities for just about every chemical company plus other foul facilities. One cloudy day a coworker in my carpool pointed at the line of smokestacks. He said that on cloudy days, all of them would be turned up on high because they wouldn’t be noticed.


Just when you thought you seen it all another of these fascists come along and this is Fascism, the marriage of the Corporation to the State so that they indistinguishable.

The sponsor of that bill is a Democrat as well.

Hey on entering one of this Corporate run counties why not a sign “Arbeit macht frei”. Go all in!


Whatever they want, they can have, and the bill must get paid.

It’s not Texas. It’s the entire country.
Also, Texas didn’t put those baby jail cells in. The federal government that you and me voted for, put them in. So that’s on all of us.

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Yup. The governor of Nevada is a D. But R and D mean the same thing these days (or is that years?). If this thing goes through, Nevada will be leading the way for other states to follow. I suspect Texas will be first in line. But ultimately, there is too much at stake with this move by Nevada and needs to be nipped in the bud by people in every state in the union. This is a warning shot over the bough for people everywhere.

First we got “corporations are people” and “money is free speech” from the Supreme Court. Corporations have usurped most of the rights of people in the Bill of Rights already. So what does that leave for the real people and the environment? So what do We the People have to do to get this ship of State to go in the right direction?

Anybody got an action plan that isn’t going to get us (and our progeny) killed?


Alas, when one becomes unable to work, because of starvation, “free” means out feet first. (Quite the irony.)


Texas has an independent electrical power grid, this way they do not have to comply with federal regulations. Since the storm hit, Texans have been receiving electrical bills (those that actually had electricity) up to $1,000 a day or some as high as $2,000 a day. How the hell can anyone pay that?
The US has 3 power grids.
1 - Eastern states
2 - Western states
3 - Texas

… Texas has an independent grid because of its response to the 1935 Federal Power Act. The law gave the federal government authority to regulate power companies that engaged in interstate commerce. So Texas power companies agreed not to sell power outside of Texas, which allowed them the ability to avoid federal regulation.

More than 60 people died in TX due to the storm. Several were children that froze to death while sleeping in homes with no heat.


Our resident champions of the free market suggest that all fine and it was just a frek strom having nothing to do with the lack of oversight by the Government in Texas and nothing to do with the energy providers not being able to keep their stuff running in the cold.

As to the costs…of 1000$ a day, as far as they are concerned “I am alright and it their own fault they signed on to the plan that they did” More of that I got mine so fuck everyone else attitude.

I read that article about the child absolutely spell bound by the snow and happy when he saw it falling later found dead in his bed of exposure. Heartbreaking.

By the way after 2011 it was the Federal regulators who suggested that equipment in Texas be winterized to prevent this from happening. Texas basically gave them the finger because “they do not have any authority in Texas”.

Texas is an outrage when your husband is dead. Texas is an outrage when you pick up his head. Texas is the reason that the president’s dead.
-The Misfits


Never let a crisis go to waste.


simply put–the fossil fuel industry went from supplying a necessary product to the becoming the most dangerous industry in the history of the world about 30 years ago-we have known the consequences of continued fossil fuel use for about 50 years and our corporate owned politicians showed their extreme climate denial for every year since then with their continued support of this DESTRUCTIVE industry–the one’s with the plan that ends with the loss of ALL life on this planet in a few short decades–this is called ECOCIDE and this crime is far far worse than ALL the genocidal maniacs rolled into one–the people who own and operate the fossil fuel industry are the most dangerous criminals in existence today–and WE play our part in the destruction of our only planet with our insistence on flagrantly consumptive lifestyles and voting for the politicians who have been lying to us about the crisis for over 50 years --and like the fossil fuel criminals --the politicians do this for the money to be made on destruction of our planet


IMO, they saw an opportunity do dump some pollutants and maybe not get caught… Obviously they were not quick enough… BUMMER for them