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'No Safe Amount': Environmentalists Sound Alarm Over Texas Refineries' Release of Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds of Pollutants During Storm

Ted Cruz is a metaphor for your post.

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If a corporation gets caught holding drugs, will it be sent to jail?

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And those pollutants like benzine, are highly toxic; forget just covid-19 masks these people need to add gas masks.

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Just FYI - Alberta was -40oC [same in F -40] all week long, and the windmills kept churning out the wattage.

The Great Shit Hole State of Texas’s wind turbine failure was caused by the same negligence that affected the fossil fueled power plants and gas supplies - they were not winterized.

These cold temperatures were known to be on their way to Texas due to the slumping Polar Vortex.
BUT the Red neck red state deniers of global warming just didn’t want to believe the science.

Welcome to the factual actual world. This is just the tiny beginnings of what global warming can do, and probably will do. Emissions continue to increase worldwide, despite Covid.


Seems that the only “free” commodity in the U.S. market system is the pollution and resultant health problems associated with it.

…Arrgghh! These polluters are guilty, phk 'em. Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs as managing director to the major support of Texas refineries…

I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas hangs one. Until that happens, corporations will not be held to account for dealing drugs or any other of crimes they commit against the people, nation, or to the environment…


“ExxonMobil…released 68,000 tons of carbon monoxide and nearly a ton of benzene in what it called a “safe utilization of the flare system.””

In response, Texans may release Exxon heads in what they just as credibly call a “safe utilization of the guillotine system.”

“Wilson told Earther that “in Texas we don’t count methane” in pollution reports.”

And in the near future, Texans may say “in Texas we don’t count ERCOT and oil employees in casualty reports”

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