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No, Sanders’ Secret Service Detail Isn’t Costing ‘Taxpayers’ $38,000 a Day


No, Sanders’ Secret Service Detail Isn’t Costing ‘Taxpayers’ $38,000 a Day

Adam Johnson

Washington Post political reporter John Wagner (6/19/16) reported on Bernie Sanders’ continuing Secret Service detail, throwing in a too-clever-by-half talking point that has since gone viral.


I’ve gotten to the point where I reflexively read between the lines of any article written about Sanders in the Washington Post, New York Times, or the Guardian. When I read this article yesterday, it was blatantly obvious that the dollar figures were an accounting trick and the argument specious for all the reasons Adam Johnson tallies.

Why would the Washington Post publish such a clumsy attempt to damage Sanders’ integrity? Now this morning I see Joe Biden has once again surfaced on the tube. Hmm . . . .

Could the upcoming Wikileaks release of Clinton’s emails be more damaging than expected? Is there something so egregious uncovered in the FBI investigation that even Obama and his Justice Department can’t avoid a Clinton indictment? Are there hacked emails thought to be erased from Clinton’s secret server about to be published?


Philip BUMP has been trashing Bernie this entire campaign.
Washington Post, NY Times, Politico, Huff Post and MSNBC have collectively worked against the Sanders campaign.
Amazing how lame stream media is soooo lazy they don’t bother looking at factual evidence and verifying- just repeat the spin spewed by corporate media.
Dropping Out.
Time for Senator Sanders to step aside. Time to unite the party. Let’s all work together. Bullshit! The FBI has Clinton and her top aides under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. Excuse the upper case- but this is not a ‘security review’ as Clinton alleges. And now Julian Assange is ready to leak key Clinton emails. So why throw in the towel when the designated candidate may be thrown in the pokey? And just this week Guccifer 2.0 has hacked the DNC server with emails revealing how the DNC rigged the election in Clinton’s favor. But the MAIN reason for Bernie to stay in is that Hillary didn’t drop out in 2008. She’s lying when she says she stepped aside for Obama. In fact not only did she stay in, she reminded everyone that Robery Kennedy was assassinated in June before the Democratic Convention. That statement about the possibility of Obama being killed before the convention in 2008 as a justification for remaining in the race? Despicable. Imagine if Bernie made a similar statement about Hillary? Can you imagine the response from the lame stream media? http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/that-time-when-clinton-refused-to-drop-out-of-the-race-because-obama-could-be-assasinated/

Thank God for Common Dreams!


Well Debra Messing, as a famous actress you’re certainly rolling in money, why don’t YOU give the Orlando victims $38,000 a day.


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The shell game accounting WAPO is demonstrating here in nothing new.

Corporations and their media and politicians have been using similar shell game accounting to defund Amtrak ever since its 1971 formation.


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After creating an account here, I still do not get a window to make a comment so I am using the “reply” function to enter this.

As a Sanders delegate to the Colorado State Convention but also a HillaryNever voter even before he became a candidate, I have always wondered - and personally find irresponsible of him - why Sanders has never made the consolidation of the media over the past 25 years a core part of his stump speech.

Certainly as much, if not more than, as anything else, that consolidation contributed to not only his defeat but also to the “1984-ING” of the American people, where black is white and up is down and POS articles pumped out daily by WAPO, NYT and other MSM outlets still manage to fool millions of gullible voters.


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As always, WAPO: (and MSM) “fixing the intelligence”.


Railing at the media who are already bashing Bernie would put him in the same position as Drumpf. And more important, it would be a distraction from the issues that government servants can do something about, and that would be truly irresponsible.


Thank you for this. I heard it on MSNBC, in fact multiplied out to the 7th digit for ‘if he keeps his threat to stay in to the convention.’ I was furious.

Just thought of something, though. What is the WaPo spending to keep covering Sanders? Maybe they could give that to the Pulse victims?


Exactly. For all their bluster, it is obvious from their actions, that the Clintonites, “Third Way” corporate Democrats, and neocons are terrified that Clinton’s campaign remains at great risk.


This article shows a shocking lack of understanding of economics. The cost referenced ($38k) is an opportunity cost. Had Bernie exited the race these agents (salary, benefits, gas etc) could be put towards something useful, like tracking down terrorists, find missing people, human trafficking or any of the other things the FBI does. Currently, this money is going to protect someone who is not a serious candidate for president. Therefore the public IS losing $38k because the money is no longer going toward a goal that helps the US which is what tax money is supposed to be spent on.


Air-headed “personality” - doubt she has read/is aware of Hillary’s past or foreign policy debacles - I discount these “celebrities”


Yikes! Do you know what the American taxpayers pay DAILY for the wars, support of Israel, foreign bases - Jesus, get some perspective, man!


Yeah like the F-35 $1.5 trillion spent. The one that Bernie supports.


Sure US wastes a lot of money (like $1.5 trillion for the F-35 which Bernie supports actually he votes for basically all defense spending). But that isn’t the point. Had the author dismissed this as a tiny drop in the bucket I would have no problem. But he didn’t, instead he made a glaring error showing his lack of understanding of economics.


So the focus, not on the billions given to Israel to kill Palestinians - including children; not to the Pandora’s box we created in the Middle East, not on the billions given the big “to big to fail” banks, not to our INEQUAL tax system where I pay thousands on my retirement funds, not to our healthcare system which is draconian compared to systems in other countries - France, Canada, etc. - this nation is in dire straits.


The FBI is not the Secret Service. They have separate budgets, separate personnel. Your comment shows a shocking lack of understanding of your government. And it’s not for you or a WaPo reporter to say who’s a serious candidate. There’s also a separate set of agents protecting Bill Clinton as he campaigns for Hillary.