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No, Sanders Tells Sessions, Marijuana Is Not the Same as Heroin


No, Sanders Tells Sessions, Marijuana Is Not the Same as Heroin

Common Dreams staff

U.S. Senator slams Attorney General over decision to target states that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana


ANOTHER point for Bernie in his struggle against the STOOPIDITY that is the FSA! (Fascist State of America)


Thank you, again,Bernie for speaking the truth to power!
In a documentary called, “what if cannabis cured cancer” a “study” by the US gov’t was exposed where the gov’t wanted to find how much pot would one have to inhale to overdose…it was concluded that a person would have to smoke 1400 joints per hour in a closed room…to die of suffication…not the effects of cannabis.


Please, Liliko! That is SCIENCE! It has no place in the grand scheme of things here in the FSA! Kind of like climate change/global warming is a hoax! Or the “clean air act/blue sky act” PROTECTS the environment. Aaaah, Orwelle would be proud of this twisting of reality, wouldn’t he?


Well I guess Bernie told him. Not that it actually means anything. One thing that is abundantly clear is the strength and unity of the democratic party as it stauchly lined up behind Bernie in protest (total sarcasm.)


Generally, the official opposition to cannabis has its roots in the propaganda from the 30’s that associated it with minority users, e.g., African-American, Hispanic, and the lie that it turned users (esp, male) into sex-crazed murderers - suggesting that the safety and (they’d have us believe) sanctity of American womanhood was at risk. Forward to the 60’s, with its long-haired, draft-dodging males, etc. Li’l Beau is old enough to remember, and that’s all he needs. Having Bernie, especially, point out the distinction between heroin and cannabis will be dismissed, but hopefully after the “AG” himself is.


Bring it on Jeffie! At least King Canute was intelligent enough to know he could not stop a force of nature. Do you think the you and the DEA can stop this now? It is a billion + dollar entrenched industry and all you will do is maybe slow down the advance and create a massive blow back. So, yes go ahead and attempt to stop it - just another reason to vote against the authoritarian neanderthal parties. Voters are sick and tired of having their will constantly ignored.


Even if one wants to not use science but to look to the bible…in early Greek translations when God tells Moses how to make anointing oil , cannabis is an ingredient . Which shows me that we’ve had the cure for cancer for 2000 years because cannabis cures cancer. I know, I’m a survivor and I used hash oil!


Issue number one is STATES RIGHTS. The federal government has no right to dictate to states what they should and should not do on this issue. That would be over reach of federal power. But if you are using that standard it is hypocritical, because Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, etc… are the same as Heroin. In fact, a parallel statement would be beer is the same as Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, etc… If you go on a beer drinking binge and get pulled over by a cop for drunk driving, you take a breathalyzer test, you exhale into the device and it displays a percent alcohol level of your breath. Over a certain level you would be defined as legally drunk to establish you were unfit for driving your car. If someone wanted to invent a parallel breathalyzer for marijuana, that would at least be a fair parallel procedure.

A very close friend of mine (wink) told me about his driving adventures on marijuana, so I can safely say don’t smoke and drive. Other than driving, what a person does in their own home is their own business as far as marijuana is concerned. It has been legalized here in California, and I have yet to see any difference in the population as a whole. If you are going to open this discussion at the federal level of congressional discussion, you need hard facts, the type of facts you get out of professional studies.


Won’t t rump lose his kkk base now? Think about it? All the t rump people I know, do pot.


Good for you!!!


Really? I figured them for fart fumes.


Sessions needs to spark a bowl once in a while. WTF do people like him have against marijuana. It must have to do with big pharma and for profit prisons. Nothing else makes sense. Far as I am concerned, legalize all drugs like Portugal has done. Take the crime out of it and stop filling for profit prisons with so-called criminals who have harmed no one.


Don’t forget “big alcohol”, one of the BIGGEST killers in the world!


Yes that one too. And I suppose tobacco as well. I’ll never understand the fear mongering about marijuana. Over the years I have tried various substances and marijuana is the only one that seems the safest to me and that I occasionally still use. I will also have a good brew once in a while as well. I have never touched any narcotics from big pharma as I deem the side effects to be not worth it, to say nothing of getting addicted to them.


Just it you needed to know…


The image cannot be read even when downloaded. Is there a link to the chart?


Sessions is just adding more fuel to the fire. This seems to be an attempt to keep a federal hook into state and local law enforcement. You know control is the purpose.


Here ya go, sorry, maybe too big for it to load…


The REAL equation here is not cannabis, but the pharmaceutical industry and the legal deadly opioid pills they push on America for profits - the link AG Jeff Sessions (and other beneficiaries of big-pharma bribes -influence) desperately want to continue hiding, regardless deaths in the thousands! So Sessions goes after safe medicinal, recreational and (by implication) Industrial Hemp!

States rights? not for this big-pharma tool! RESIST this idiot extremist and his uninformed stupidity!

Big-pharma gives lots in campaign-contribution and other bribes to limit decriminalization/legalization - along with other industries - to reps from BOTH parties! BOTH complicit to the deaths and silence to call-out big-pharma - both responsible.

That silence goes beyond cannabis (and Industrial Hemp - forever linked with THC cannabis.- to the official silence on psychoactive pills pushed on America’s kids - known to cause violent behaviors - also for profits by one of the most despicable and destructive corporate enterprises of all!

https://www.globalresearch.ca/fda-colludes-with-big-pharma-to-cover-up-deaths-in-psychiatric-drug-trials/5450720 Big-pharma pushes dangerous violence-inducing legal drugs on kids - those drugs behind more than a few mass shootings and other violence by kid victims - all to increase profits!!