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'No Statute of Limitations' for Felony in North Carolina: Common Cause Files Complaint Demanding DeJoy Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/no-statute-limitations-felony-north-carolina-common-cause-files-complaint-demanding


Good. Get the sleaze-bag. Put him where felons are sent. On his way to the big house, let him have a long stroll along avenues where the public can let him know how they feel.

a criminal who has perjured himself before the American people in his pursuit to destroy the USPS so his financial stake in it’s competitors will be more lucrative----were is the arrest??–oh yah --the 2 Democrats who COULD have made a difference voted to support him–am I surprised–absolutely not–All I have come to expect from the Dems is that support of corruption-as shown by their many votes taken in support of this administration–maybe the state Democrats will hold him to account --the federal Dems probably won’t do more than make a few speeches and call it good–hoping their words gas light the public into supporting them