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No Stranger to Party's Establishment Tactics, Sanders Calls DCCC Attacks on Progressives "Appalling"


No Stranger to Party's Establishment Tactics, Sanders Calls DCCC Attacks on Progressives "Appalling"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Having tasted what it feels like to have the Establishment-wing of the Democratic Party put its thumb on the scale when he ran for president in 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is telling the congressional campaign arm of the party to stop working against progressive candidates in contested primary races in this election season.


I am now reading How Democracies Die Levitsky & Ziblatt (2018) in which the authors describe the very careful use of “gatekeepers” to tamp down populist messages. Such efforts worked for the Ds but not the Rs in 2016. I am convinced that Bernie would have wiped the floor with Trump as he had sound answers that also addressed honest rage against the system. Personally, I shall remain an independent until the day I die.


From the article:

“That just continues the process of debasing the Democratic system in this country and is why so many people are disgusted with politics.”

Bernie, did you mean the democratic system or the Democrat system? They aren’t the same, and haven’t been for quite some time.


Tom Perez as head of the DNC is an “attack” on the progressives. It should have been the Muslim guy. and there Sanders is with him on stage. What mixed up confusions.


That the Democratic Party has been practicing favoritism in races, just like its counterpart, is nothing new. Its penchant for this behavior is so embedded that the DNC chose to lose the presidency in 2016 rather than change its ways. After the Sanders phenomenon, if losing the presidency didn’t wake them up, nothing will–accumulating political power is the sole purpose of a political party. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Both parties are very badly broken. The Democrats could actually pull a rabbit out of their hat before the midterms, if they would just pull their heads out of their asses, and listen to their base (they won’t). The GOP, the party responsible for Trump, has completely untied itself from conservative moorings, and only responds to its Tea Party base on social issues and its billionaire base on economic issues, leaving the vast majority of us in the dust.

Both parties are void of principles and values–all of it is for sale to the highest bidder. Political parties have basically become tools of the capitalist state; they are multi-billion industries, churning out legislation (bought and paid for by their big corporatist donors), and all the accoutrements of a campaign from signs and tchotchkes, advertising and travel to hiring employees, furnishing offices, and spending money to win a seat from which they can derive personal wealth. Public service my ass.


The upper case “D” suggests he’s talking about the Democratic Party though a lower case “d” would work just as well or better, IMO. As bad as the Democratic Party is, there may well be more democracy in it, than in our Constitution.


In the sense that the Democratic party is representing the interests of its corporate and big money donors - its real constituents - with a few crumbs tossed to progressives to keep them voting D and becoming a third party threat, the party is anything but broken. It’s doing what it has successfully been doing for decades. Sanders can scold all he wants, but in the end, he will fall in line with the party establishment, just as he has always done.


After all of Bernie’s attacks on the establishment does anyone seriously think the establishment will listen to him? Does he expect the establishment to just take it without fighting back? More tit for tat. Expect more of this right up to election day in November.


It won’t end on “election day in November”.

It will end only when the Democratic Party finds a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction, or the Party is consigned to the dust bin of history along with the Whigs, Federalists, etc. and a real populist party emerges to challenge the faux populist GOP.


Bernie and the Democratic Party. I know we all have strong feelings on the subject. It is the difference between saying and doing. Is it his fear of being forever condemned to oblivion like they did to Nader? Is it that he is too set in his ways to contemplate such a break as to create a third party? Some combination of both?

One thing isn’t going to change, the Democratic Parties slavish obedience to the corporatists, and it’s attempts to subvert any progressive candidates or movements. It is what they do…Many people are desperately hoping Bernie will run again in 2020, but he will be so old…even Bernie has to be running out of steam. He will be set against by all sides seeking to destroy him. They will slander him and attack him incessantly and brutally non-stop till the entire country believes him to be either Satin himself, or an incompetent bumbling fool who can’t get a damn thing accomplished. I can picture it as if it was already happening.

All things considered I can only come to the conclusion that we are totally fucked.


I have a one-word refutation for that premise: “superdelegates,” which appears nowhere in the Constitution.


Corporations are the equivalent of superdelegates in my book. Nobody voted for them, but somehow they have the final say.


What a tired stooge you are.


But really, don’t all of the voters who consign themselves to the binary R-vs-D choice, in effect, vote for corporations? That’s the entire point, isn’t it? To keep the American electorate safely within narrow parameters so that our corporate masters can run the show?

In fact, that’s the most tragically funny thing about those who tell us that voting 3rd party is a waste of time: They seem to think that voting D is accomplishing something!


Mr. Sanders might again choose to run as a democrat only to be defeated by some corporate representative. DCCC is a criminal organization.


You don’t know what a superdelegate is or how they become a delegate.


Maybe the establishment is not happy that Bernie formed Our Revolution. This could be their way of saying so.


The majority of superdelegates are superdelegates because they have been elected by the people in general elections, like Sanders himself. Far more democratic than delegates chosen in caucuses.


Satin Sanders. I know it’s a typo, or an auto correct, but I like it.

Since you believe we’re totally fucked, maybe you should just move on with your life.


Are you advocating for that, Lrx? Are you cheering that on? I think the DCCC shot itself in the foot with the Moser attack.