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'No Such Thing as a Small Nuclear Weapon': Barbara Lee Speaks After GOP Embrace Mini-Nukes


'No Such Thing as a Small Nuclear Weapon': Barbara Lee Speaks After GOP Embrace Mini-Nukes

Jon Queally, staff writer

Lamenting the defeat of her amendment to defund the Pentagon's $65 million program for so-called "low-yield" nuclear weapons in a House's appropriations bill on Thursday, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif) warned of the existential threat these weapons represent as they fuel a new arms race in an increasingly dangerous world.


Oh shit, let’s just let them test the fucker in the Pentagram courtyard and have their fun.


The political giant Barbara Lee does not attribute nukes (big and small) to the Rethugs. This headline is a lie. She knows better.

Starting with Pissant Truman’s signing off on the war crimes and crimes against humanity of the racist nuke bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, every U.S. president, every U.S. Kabuki Kongress, and a critical mass of the U.S. population have fully and vigorously embraced “nuclear superiority” as a central tenet of U.S. exceptionalism and imperialism.


Just have to keep the weapons industry in the money for the 2020 election.


Worldwide De-Nuclearization is a must if Peaceful Coexistence is to be realized.


Perhaps the US scientific and engineering communities and those involved in university science and engineering programs, and ‘activists’ with the March 4 Science, could learn something from Representative Lee.

So far only the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Federation of American Scientists (originally started as scientists, from the Manhattan project, opposed to nuclear proliferation), and Physicians for Social Responsibility, have endorsed the ‘Back from the Brink’ petition (https://www.preventnuclearwar.org/) which, among other demands, calls for the cancellation of the proposed development of ‘enhanced’ nuclear weapons including ‘low yield’ nuclear weapons. (

On the contrary, several ethics committees, and organizers of the March 4 Science, have rejected endorsing this petition. In my efforts to get groups to endorse this petition, several scientists, engineers academics, and March 4 Science organizers, have told me that efforts to reject research and development of low yield nuclear weapons are anti-scientific and unethical.


The headline uses the word ‘mini’. The vote was exactly as the headline says - a sea of italic names (D) in the Ayes column to defund and a sea of roman names ( R ) in the Noes column to leave the funding in place. There were some crossover votes, but less than many other votes where too many D reps or senators show up in the wrong column (such as the overall military budget for which my rep (Lieu) was in the wrong column as were most D reps (Lieu voted correctly this time)).

Your statement (that there is just as much D support as R and Truman’s unique responsibility - a move Wallace would have never taken) is true about nukes overall - but that is not the topic being discussed here.


They will next be labeling these as “Precision Munitions” and atrribute any number of thousands of deaths of civilians to them as “Collateral damage”.

Those that use them against other peoples will be labeled as “Heroes defending freedom and liberty” and the thousands and more killed will be deemed “terrorists”.


We the People of the United States of America must constantly educate the population that these are Weapons of Mass Destruction, and those that advocate for the need for them are Warmongers and only interested in profiting from their manufacture and use as a threat to life.


But that is the topic being discussed here. Tactical nukes are nukes and Dims have historically supported them and will support them when passing final bill. Depleted uranium is a nuclear weapon that has been used in the Balkans and throughout the Mideast and Africa, primarily under Dim (mis)leadership. Strategic nukes are nukes. The Dims were able to ride on Barbara Lee’s coat-tails on this one because they knew the amendment was dead before it hit committee. That’s how they operate. There is no way they can parse their way out of this one, except through popular ignorance, which is ubiquitous and growing.


Ok, I’m confused now. The current headline reads:

‘No Such Thing as a Small Nuclear Weapon’: Barbara Lee Condemns GOP for Embracing Mini-Nukes

But on the comment page, it reads:

‘No Such Thing as a Small Nuclear Weapon’: Barbara Lee Speaks After GOP Embrace Mini-Nukes

I agree with you about the first headline - it is a lie (unless they have a quote from Barbara Lee saying as much, which I couldn’t find - only a condemnation of Congress overall , just as you said). My comment was in reference to the second headline which is accurate in my opinion.

Hey Common Dreams - can you put the correct headline on the home page and not just the comment page?

I will add that I am 100% behind the immediate, complete, and unilateral abolition of all nuclear weapons including DU. Go Barbara! (if only we had a Rep like her in my district)


Unbelievably, the fascists could still win.

Progressive Democrats could get out the vote by openly espousing new issues like Universal Basic Income and Cellphone voting by Blockchain. It is heartening that Single Payer or Medicare for All and free college education is finally on their radar. Trump could outmaneuver them with his legal pot promises and Blue Dogs, DNC and other conservatives could be losing it for Democrats by trying to impeach him instead of attending to the issues we all want resolved. To run on a “he or she is better than Trump” campaign is a sure loser. But in a system rigged by, for and of the super-rich, that’s what we get.

Direct Democracy


We absolutely agree on this!!!


Even better, dry out The Swamp (which Tweetle-Dumb has turned into a Cesspool) by testing “The Fucker” on The Capitol during an address to a Joint Session of Congress by The Prezidunce, with the entire Cabinet and all of the Bushes, Cheneys, Clintons and K-Street lobbyists in attendance.  And all of Hair Drümpf’s children & their spouses, the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, too — and why not invite Nuttin’-Yahoo to be there as well, along with Tweetle’s best buddies Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Putin and “Little Rocket Man”??


Bullshit. Its is you and the rest of the US Congress that are a threat to all other nations in a world you have made increasingly dangerous.

You have already used in shock and awe in Iraq MOAB 9 tons of high explosive air burst that sucks the air from your lungs and the bast force blows your lungs and chest to shit. You Americans have already used this bomb equal to a low yield nuclear weapon. It has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan killing mostly civilians.

In a few months last year You Americans dropped 42,000 tons of bombs on a Syrian city called Raqqa. In your kindness and love of life you gave artillery and shells so that our terrorists could fire 30,000 shells into Raqqa. Raqqa had 340,000 people living there when we started the bombing. There are now less than 100,000. Where did they go? Are they buried in the rubble? The destruction of the city is so heavy that is has been compared to the bombing of Dresden in WWII. https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-war-crimes-in-syria-exposed/5643482

So lets not be real and sit around on CD and talk about the size of our dicks ,I mean bombs. Was it a small, medium or large nuclear weapon that destroyed your city Mam? Or was it the Mother of all bombs or just some local DU rounds?

Things are get rich in the rogue nation.


Mini-nukes are more likely to be used as a replacement for the conventional bunker buster bombs we have already … makes the world a far more dangerous place to have such in our arsenal.


well said SuspiraDEProfundis