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"No Such Thing as Closure": Tamir Rice's Family Settles for $6M with Cleveland



And the sad part of the whole affair is that the killer was never charged. At least the DA who presented the case to the grand jury is no longer a DA. And although Cleveland has admitted that they never should have hired the killer, I haven't heard that he's been fired.

Something else that needs to be rectified is that when a cop's actions cost the city beaucoup bucks, a good share of that money should come out of the cop's paycheck and retirement and the police department should pick up the rest. When the cops start feeling the consequences of this type of behavior in their bank accounts, then there will be some attitude readjustments.


There's a way to do what you suggest (have police--- NOT taxpayers---foot the bill) which is to have police officers be REQUIRED TO BE SELF-INSURED---a kind of "malpractice" insuranc e like doctors & nurses have. Get too many complaints or ahve settlements that must be paid, and a brutal cop would become UN-INSURABLE. No insurance, no job as a police officer. Here in MINNEAPOLIS,MN a group has gotten this ON THE BALLOT IN NOV. (Would only apply to Minneapolis police) For mroe info, go to COMMITTEE FOR PROFESSIONAL POLICING on Facebook or COMMUNIITIES UNITED AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY www.cuapb.org


Its OK Hillary is going to fix everything---just like Obama???????Where is Obama??????