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No, Sweet No


No, Sweet No

Anthony Barnett

The astounding NO vote that swept every part of Greece will take time to digest and understand and its meaning also depends on how the Europeans respond. But here are some immediate reactions.

The scale of the majority surprised everyone I have spoken to here in Athens as it bust the polls. Its definite, unarguable nature is a relief. This was no close-run majority that the other side could claim is illegitimate. Nor was it a mere party vote as many more supported NO than have backed Syriza.


I have this strange old song in my mind… “Arise you prisoners of starvation, arise you wretched of the Earth.” It goes on from there. Go Greece!



I sympathize with your comment, but the comment to which you’re responding has not been posted, so it’s unclear to me what set you off.


It was, but it was then purged without trace, making it look like Arby is psychotic and talking back to the Voices. One of the many limitations of this new software.