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No Sympathy For the Devil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/02/no-sympathy-devil

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David Brooks is crying for the dear leader-------how the elite circle around and support this evil. What about Michael Forest Reinoehl killed execution by order of Trump-----he bragged about it in the debate—Trump has been doing the one thing all Americans have been told not to do----having large gatherings. Trump has put all Americans in danger because of his pathetic behavior.


How can we keep psychopaths from running for elected office? It’s terrible enough that so many corporate CEO’s are psychopaths, but we don’t get to vote for them (unless we are shareholders).

I believe the entire U.S. political-economic-military-media system is geared to being run by violent psychopaths. That’s why SYSTEMIC change is necessary, not mere reforms of the current corrupt, deadly, sociopathic system.


I sincerely hope he recovers, later rather than sooner, after an extended and extremely unpleasant stay at Walter Reed.

He will likely have innumerable court experiences, civil and criminal, leading to incarceration and the collapse of his Ponzi empire after his disgusting ass is evicted from the White House. I wouldn’t want him to miss those for the world.


For sure - NO sympathy - and I don’t think that anyone need change a headline or remove ads that have been posted - they are not less true just because ‘this’ has happened - if indeed they are infected ~ first thing after my 'YES ! ’ moment was the suspicion that its a ploy ~ surely don’t want Pence to take the helm . . .


Trump was elected precisely to take the politically incorrect and disruptive approach to reform.
I support a disruptive approach to systemic change, just like you.
Of course, I knew Trump was/is a self-promoting grifter, anyone with half a brain knew it.
Now we know he’s one step ahead of debt collectors and prosecutors, hardly a shocker.

But the country is still understandably desperate for that disruption and systemic change.
Biden/Harris is definitely not that.
As placeholders like Obama/Biden, they’ll merely maintain the very system so many of us hate.
I worry that another conman is waiting in the wings.
I could see a Steve Scalise/Alex Jones ticket in the near future.


Under a Biden regime, Trump won’t face anything more than a fine.

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Err, that is up to the New York State prosecutor, judge and jury, not Biden.

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Given his age and various co-morbidities, the news about Trump’s current medical status doesn’t add up. He’s walking and talking, with the possibility of being released from hospital tomorrow.
C-19 typically gets much more virulent in the second week, similar to relapses from bacterial pneumonia. You take the antibiotic Z packet, rest in bed for a few days, and then feel much better. So you get up, take a shower, and decide to take a walk. Bam! Halfway through, you begin to cough and end up back in bed again, this time for a couple weeks.
Either he doesn’t have it and this is one huge grift. the biggest reality TV show ploy EVER, or his true condition is being kept on the down-low. Nothing new for US President’s medical conditions. Garfield had a cancer operation on board a ship, JFK had several nasty conditions including Addison’s Disease, no one really knows how severe Wilson’s strokes were. Then there’s the mysterious death of Harding.
We’ll see what shakes out this coming week. Me, I have better things to do, like walking and admiring The Color and mild temps.

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I want Trump to personally experience the crushing defeat that most likely faces his party.

… Did I say something?


Historically Euro-societies and -cultures have had disruptive revolutions regularly for the past 1100+ years. There have been major peasant uprisings at least once a century and more frequent smaller uprisings in between the big ones. The French revolution was one such uprising. The labor protests and uprisings of the early 20th century were another. Gandhi was a nonviolent same for India in the mid-20th century.

The very first one occurred in the mid-800s.

It never lasts. Never. There is no way to make this society and culture better. Almost all of it is wrong. It isn’t reality based. We live in an artificial reality that is humanistic, where humans are the most important thing on the planet, where humans have rights that are made up, and have talents that are unreal and grandiose.

Humans didn’t make the Earth, and we aren’t talented enough to “manage” it. It’s too complex and beyond our ability to do it “better” than Nature does.

The Earth isn’t a dead rock in space for us to remake into what we want, i.e., money.

I could go on, there is so much wrong with the beliefs and philosophies and thinking of European cultures, but there really are no words for a people who mindlessly, arrogantly, pathetic and empty in their psychotic neediness, destroy all of Life.

We don’t know how to respond to our own selves in any way other than stealing from other people who did it better and failing again with the “resources” we take.