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No, Syriza Has Not Surrendered


No, Syriza Has Not Surrendered

Tom Walker

Surrender! Capitulation! Betrayal! Syriza hasn't even been in office for a month, but already the obituaries are being written.


Thank you for this encouraging and honest commentary, Tom Walker.
I'm still with Syriza and the left building a working economy in Greece.
Four months is a long time, and I'd love to see Syriza accomplish what is demanded by justice in this time.


Without a credibe threat to leave thxe Eurozone it will not move the troika, on the other hand, if the threat is credible, that is if it develops a reasonable plan for alternative finance of its economy it might as well just make good its threat and leave the eurozone. Will they take such a course, I doubt it. It will taake a more radical and resolute movement than Syriza to finish the job.


Is he calling the right tune

Or whistling in the dark?


Can anyone explain to me what good the euro is or what good it has done , cos from where I'm standing it looks like Soviet style bungling which has been a disaster


I think Syriza needs our help. I think that help needs to come in terms of real economy support if they default on their loans. In the event that they are forced to choose to default I pledge to send one case of surgical gloves to a Greek hospital.
I think this fight is more about freedom from oppressive banking than oppressive Government and I think it is worth fighting to win.