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No, Teachers Shouldn't Have Shootouts With Students


No, Teachers Shouldn't Have Shootouts With Students

Mitchell Zimmerman

After the massacre of kindergarteners at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, the gun lobby offered its usual blame-the-victims, good-guy-with-a-gun excuse: If only the teachers had been armed!

This time, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, someone did have a gun — but the armed school resource deputy chose to hunker down outside while the mass murderer finished his work, rather than entering to confront the killer.

The now former deputy hasn’t explained his failure to act. Perhaps his inaction was simply cowardice.


Arming teachers s insane anywhere! The problem is that people with guns seem to think that it is their “right” to be there own militia. People who believe this, plus ones who are apathetic are definitely part of the problem!


The “more guns, the better” crowd would turn our classrooms into the O.K. Corral, with helpless students caught in the crossfire. Of all of Donald Trump’s cockamamie ides (and he’s had some doozies), this may be the most destructive.


Fully automatic weapons are already outlawed. There is no reason that semiautomatic weapons cannot be put in the same category.

Remember that until Nikolas started shooting up the school that he was a “law abiding citizen™” even though he was talking up some pretty evil behavior. If someone had taken his arsenal at that time, the right wingers would have descended on the police for interfering with a “law abiding citizen™” and his sex toys.