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No Thanks, Obama and McCain. Continuing Indefinite Detention Isn’t Closing Guantánamo


No Thanks, Obama and McCain. Continuing Indefinite Detention Isn’t Closing Guantánamo.

Chris Anders

A bad idea doesn’t somehow become a good idea just because five years have gone by. But the Obama White House and Sen. John McCain seem ready to recycle a proposal that was overwhelmingly rejected in 2010.


This is not merely about differences of opinion or policy.
• This is just one more pathetic step in the American society’s slide towards living in & accepting Fantasyland, while disregarding & disengaging from Reason & Intellect.


Fear rules when conservatives do.


If Charles Dickens were alive today, I could imagine him penning a sequel to “A Christmas Carol” where John McCain has a visit from a couple of ghosts. One shows him his proud military training days, graduating at the bottom of his class. The second ghost shows him his own experience as a prisoner of war; and the third one shows that he will be condemned to a soul-version of a private hell if he doesn’t engage humane compassion and realize from the pain of his own prior experience that NO human being, particularly those DREAMT up by a false “war on terror” (that was itself incited by a False Flag) deserve these Kafka-like endless torturous terms of indefinite incarceration.

McCain wakes from his night reveries and leads the charge to close Guantanamo. A changed man, enlightened by Spirit, his enthusiasm for a more humane treatment of the unfortunate souls caught in the felonious drift-net proves contagious… and a number of other members of Congress and Senate quickly come to support his new stand. Those caught in a Bush Junta’s version of purgatory are set free!

The Heritage Society sends an expensive case of champagne to the ACLU.


Perhaps I do not understand. The Guantanamo Bay torture camp is a military facility. The POTUS is the Commander-in-Chief of the Military. Cannot then a Commander-in-Chief have his military orders obeyed by his subordinates? Was the Guantanamo Bay torture camp set up by Act of Congress or by Executive Order? If by Executive Order, cannot the Chief Executive (the POTUS) cancel that Executive Order and replace it with another?

Why is it so difficult to shut the place down?


“how would the American idiotocracy feel if China had a torture camp in Hawaii?”

Do I detect a business opportunity to supply skilled guards, interrogators and psychologists on contract to the Chinese government?


Since 9/11 (and probably before) we have lived in a Bizarro World where up is down, right is wrong, and war is peace. It is silly to think that any of this makes sense in the conventional meaning of the word.

Yes, Obama could have closed Guantanamo the first day he became president. He didn’t because the PTB who put him in office and maintain the mythology of 9/11 and the War on Terror knew that he wouldn’t do that. He’s a smooth talker and nothing more.