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No, the UN Has Not Given Glyphosate a 'Clean Bill of Health'


No, the UN Has Not Given Glyphosate a 'Clean Bill of Health'

Georgina Downs

Anyone seeking out the latest news on glyphosate will find a number of articles that were published yesterday with headlines such as "UN experts find weed killer glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer" (first issued by Reuters and taken up widely by other news media around the world), and the Guardian's headline of "Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says".


Glyphosate, Monsanto's Roundup, has become so prevalent in our food system that it is now found in breast milk. Isn't this End of Discussion?


When will pregnant women start taking medication to produce Roundup ready babies ?


Many of us are now destined to be the new "Down-winders," only this time it isn't the H-bomb tests that permeate the atmospheres we breathe in; it's Monsanto's gen-tech equivalents.

This company is more powerful (and commands a budget larger) than numerous nations. If it didn't have this power and clout, the "First Do No Harm" principle would not be turned around to protect those who knowingly enact vast trespasses against the health of ecosystems, animals, plants, and human beings.


It should be, especially considering:

" The UN Panel concluded in relation to all three pesticides that they were "unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet."


Can we get a straight answer now about the EPA Monsanto document dump? I read that 15,000 pages were released showing carcinomas, scarcinomas, lung, kidney, and liver damage. This material was Monsanto's and classified as " trade secrets". Did this UN report draw on those materials?


Monsatan is a prime example of irresponsible/criminal behaviors toward the environment and human beings, all for profit by a mega-corporation, with the collusion and complicity of politicians like Hillary Clinton!
Clinton has deep ties to Monsatan and lobbyists for them and supports GMO crops beginning with "her work at The Rose Law Firm in the 1980s when Monsanto was a client".

"Roundup has been shown to instigate aluminum accumulation in the brain. The herbicide has been responsible for reproductive problems such as infertility, miscarriages, and neural tube and birth defects. It is a causal agent for a variety of cancers: brain, breast, prostate, lung and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Other disorders include chronic kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism, and leaky gut syndrome. In addition to lung cancer, glyphosate may be responsible for today’s growing epidemics of chronic respiratory illnesses among farm workers and their families"




It's interesting that apparently the only thing that matters is whether or not consumers will be impacted.

Farmers' health? Doesn't matter.

Ecosystem health? Who gives a shit.