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No Time for Women’s Health in an Age of Austerity


No Time for Women’s Health in an Age of Austerity

Elizabeth Renzetti

The war waged by political reactionaries and pro-life advocates against Planned Parenthood in the United States is widely known. I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago, and the undercover videos attempting to show the organization in a bad light are only the latest in a longstanding campaign. Planned Parenthood, which provides health care to millions of American women, has been under threat for years. It has always fought back.


Let's not forget where all the money is going: wars, resource exploitation, and the deep pockets of CEOs and the multi billionaires that infest our planet. Of course women and children are the first to suffer when males are so obsessed with their power games and materialistic pursuits: that has always been the way the game is played. So when will women--in many cases more than 50% of the population--start to push back hard enough to be noticed? I am tired of compliance, yielding, trying to find a different way.


I don't have the quote handy, but in Riane Eisler's brilliant book, "The Chalice and the Blade," she documents a parallel between diminished access to women's birth control (and general rights) during recurrent cyclic upticks that promote war and militarism.

What is most galling about all of this is that the same ideologically impaired zealots behind the hoped-for eradication of Planned Parenthood typically support gun ownership, foreign wars, and police muscle.

In a society where:

  1. Rap music refers to women as sluts, whores, and bitches
  2. Movies encourage women to turn themselves into sex slaves who willingly succumb to male dominators
  3. Porn turns women into chattel that men are FREE to use, abuse, denigrate, and discard
  4. Viagra is covered by insurance
  5. Young girls are sexualized from a tender age
  6. And a general rape culture is raging...

Of all the things that might be done to improve society, the imbeciles turn on women's rights to agency over their own bodies.

And anyone who doesn't see--or want to see--the connection between Fundamentalist Christianity and the rise of martial responses--increased war, police violence, and gun ownership--and its direct relationship to the subjugation of women is arguing FOR this shit.

No society that undermines women's rights EVER progresses. There are few distinctions between Christian and Arab fundamentalists when it comes to their common suppression of women's rights.


It is not always the way "the game was played." Very different life models predated patriarchy. You said you're working on a dissertation. Why not better educate yourself on this matter?


More lists of things that are wrong with the way things are but nothing about how society might go about putting an end to the suppression of women's and others' rights. The very words of Christ provide solid arguments that could, if effectively marshaled, out the mean spirited hypocrisy that speaks wrongheadedly in Jesus' name.

Everyone on sites like this preaches to the choir without coming to grips with the choir is on fire.

No society verging on the edge of catastrophic collapse ever progresses. Don't ask me what could realistically and effectively done to begin to reverse things. After crash can the remnants of the human species put aside whatever differences remain, stop dissing each other about those differences, pick up the pieces, and reassemble them into something that might be sustainably survivable?