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'No Time Left for Business as Usual': Climate Activists Plan Day of Mass Civil Disobedience to #ShutDownDC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/no-time-left-business-usual-climate-activists-plan-day-mass-civil-disobedience


"This is an uprising for life itself, fighting back against the forces of destruction."

Right on the mark. This is the generation we have been needing. Thank you to these very bright lights.

Up next Wall Street shut-down. Everyone needs to be there in giant waves as one mass of people are arrested more fill their place. Onward to total, non cooperation.


Uprising, yup.

we will also cause massive disruption for politicians, huge corporations, and the lobbyists who control our government

Massive disruption, check. Hey, the kids are alright!

Actually the main reason there’s “no time left” is because the Arctic is saying good-bye in 2019. Here’s a little home-movie I made east of NE Greenland, zoomed in on a dachshund-shaped floe (on August 1) which wags, shakes, and dissolves on its way to the demo (for scale, the anchored head is 60 miles long). There’s some kind of quadrille going on in the Fram Strait to the right: floes skittering every which way.

Moral of the story (for those not into cryospheric carnage): No. Time. Left. [insert approp expletives]


Yes Giovanna. But how to get them from their TVs and netfix. (Or even netflix)

Of course dump will say it’s a “german” hoax. (But yes it looks like a dachshund.)

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“Netfix” was a typing error. But i realised it was quite “apt”. (Especially apropos “facebook”.)

Good News/ Bad News
The Good,
I’m glad to see these young people rise up and energized, lets hope it’s contagious…

The Bad,
Were going to need that energy across many, many fronts. If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out. It’s fossil fuels push back against the GND, and their loss of profits. Expect to see this in a state near you in the future.



Blue state hands power to utilities. Because incrementalism and profiteering go hand-in-hand.

Add that to the long list of reasons we’re ass-deep in the sixth extinction and climate chaos.

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Here is some more bad news:
Tongass National Forest To Be Logged:

So sad.

I stayed in NM a few years ago next to the Gila National Monument Park. Polluted water from copper mining. The deer were sick. Even the dog wouldn’t drink water from the stream.
That governor had change regulations so that mining inspections were rare, only at startups.

There’s no doubt big money interests have negatively affected our environment at all levels of government. It’s safe to say there is no state that hasn’t been effected to some degree.

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