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No Time To Keep Silent: The Press Goes Looking For Its Backbone


No Time To Keep Silent: The Press Goes Looking For Its Backbone

Hopefully better late than never, the media may be starting to stand up and speak out. With the Orange Travesty bullying, belittling and possibly banishing them to White House broom closets, the head of the renowned Columbia Journalism Review has written a blistering open letter vowing the press corps will do its job and "we, not you" will set the rules. Judging from Trump's latest deranged interview, not a moment too soon. Finally, a vital Murrow moment.


This sounds like the ramblings of a person with ADHD, as well as the "word salad" ramblings of Sarah Palin.


CJ Review Publisher Kyle Pope to Trump, representing the Press :

"We, Not You, Decide how Best to Serve our Readers, Listeners and Viewers."


Blacking out Bernie.

Stolen Cal Primary Story or Russia Hack Fabrication? ...RUSSIA HACK!

Buying the Gov't 9/11 hogwash.

Never following up on a Colleague's Evaded Answer at a Press Conference.

Giving us only the Gov't Spin on Snowden and Mannning.

And to this day, selling us Lee Oswald.

This is the bunch, best represented by David Gregory, who had the gaul to question Glenn Greenwald, as to who was the Legitimate Journalist.


The Press should always offer Trump's words verbatim. That's not an enviable job, but a necessary one. The way the man speaks strains the conventions of punctuation. I believe I need to go back and check my MLA style sheet. Should those be dashes, or should points of elipses be used. Hmmm.... Commas and periods will not be enough, and semicolons seem to have no place since they are often used to punctuate to equally balanced ideas in one sentence. No, save the semicolons for someone articulate.


We can only hope that the press gets it right during this administration.


I remember Helen Thomas, as far as I could tell, she was the only one in the Washington Press pool that had any spine whatsoever, and Obama and his neo-con handlers took her out early. I like the idea of more "non-legacy" news people being allowed access to white house news conferences. It is coming back to me. That dude, was he a Rabbi? ambushed Helen Thomas and set her up. Was that "fake news" I think so. Nothing new under the sun.


Obama and the Neo-cons handlers? Uh no. Veteran journalist Helen Thomas, forced out of her job with the Hearst newspaper chain in 2010 for remarks critical of Israel. EOM :wink:


Thomas was a real journalist. You may appreciate this:


Given how focused people were on email server management during the campaign, I am not hopeful.


It might also mean that trump is planning for very long stay.


I do realize that is a distinct possibility, but I still hope that the "two terms and he's out" law stays in force; in fact, I seriously hope the dems find their backbone and get him impeached in the first 100 days!