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No Time to 'Let the Market Handle It': Watch Ocasio-Cortez's Urgent Call for Green New Deal


No Time to 'Let the Market Handle It': Watch Ocasio-Cortez's Urgent Call for Green New Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an hour-long MSNBC town hall in the Bronx Friday night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined youth climate leaders and policy experts to declare that leisurely committee hearings, "half-baked" arguments, and timid market-based policy tweaks are no longer tolerable in the face of the planet-wide climate crisis.

"The initial response was, 'Let the market handle it. They will do it.' Forty years and free-market solutions have not changed our position."
—Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez



Ecologists and geologists will tell us that even gradualism can cause extinctions. AOC is telling us that only rapid action is even possible to overcome some of the catastrophism that climate change has the potential to create. As an environmental scientist/engineer I can attest she is absolutely right. I am so happy to see her gain traction in helping to focus the nation’s attention on this matter which has been the victim of obfuscation for far too long. Rather than just praise her, we desperately need to join her.



Ralph Nader is absolutely correct — it’s our job as American citizens to ignite a peaceful people’s Revolution Against Empire, and this faux-Emperor Trumpius, who is making ‘our countey’ act like a damn Global EMPIRE:

[BTW to AOC et al. The “Green New Deal”, which is Revolutionary for sure and relates to FDR’s “New Deal”, would, IMHO, benefit from and sound more ‘uniting’ to all people, if it added one word, Shared “Green New Deal” — since it’s about sharing our earth with all of us.]

Following are my own comment, and a reply to another reader’s comment on the NYT Editorial Board regarding their related editorial:

There are lots and lots of “issues” — but only one CAUSE: EMPIRE

WakeTF-up and radically re-build the supposedly progressive Democrats — or step TF out of the way and let a real “Revolution Against Empire” people’s party take-over.



Either we plan this Green New Deal out in great detail or we don’t plan. The cost of failure to plan, in a highly politicized environment, is the probable hijacking of much or all of the funding for irrelevant projects that happen to make various people richer. Can you pay that cost?

First, I bang the drum for specific large-scale displacements of fossil fuel use. Existing houses should be retrofitted to be (about 90% is my personal target right now) heated in winter by the sun, and solar-driven air conditioning needs development too.

I claim that non-freeway transit can be seriously inexpensive, that is, if “we” go out and develop it. By the way, who in heaven or on earth is “we” going to turn out to be? Some athletic scholarship kid at Yale?

We need R&D in agriculture-based sequestration, and we need to try to subsidize test-farmers (foresters,…) around the world to see if we’re actually sequestering the carbon in the soil that we want. Quality control counts.

The Arctic is melting down and we need to inhibit this meltdown or else the atmosphere definitely heads to about 1200 ppm of greenhouse gases. Does that sound to you like an acceptable thing to let happen? If your garage is on fire, do you just sit and watch your house catch fire too? (assuming that you’re not rich)

So, that’s the planning work. Where are the workers? If there are zero workers for this planning task, billions of people are going to starve in a surprisingly short time frame.



Much of the language, phrases and wording in the Green New Deal come directly from FDR’s call for a Second Bill of Rights in his SOTU speech in 1944. We have been waiting too damn long. There are concerns that even this is too late but we have to try.



I say make Cortez President! Wanna save the Planet? Change all of the Rules. Strip Pelosi of her powers , along with the rest of them who are useless to us and give them all to Her! No elections, just make it so, because she wants to save our lives which precedes everything else. The Revolution must begin in order to make this happen. I see no other way. We are at War. I suggest every Action Group in this Country treat it as such. Too many of us are disgusted doing nothing day after day as Trumps’ Horrors get worse. We finally have a Leader who is ready to fight! I strongly suggest we join her. If we don’t rise up Now, we die.



The conversation is shifting. Battle lines are being drawn.

And one way or another, shit’s about to get real.



It sure beats the Greedy Obscene Plutocrats, “Big fish eat the little fish” plan.



“Previously a fringe left-wing idea, a Green New Deal resolution—introduced by Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)”

No mention–as per usual–that this originated with THE GREEN PARTY years ago!




So true. Bloomberg Business Week has several articles reporting that Wall Street has already invested $12tn in sustainable investments including $600bn in Green Bonds. Auto manufactures are investing $225 bn in hundreds of electric cars and charging stations. Wall Street is ready to invest in innovation and technology in support of the Green New Deal, but Congress needs to act on her proposals.

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Paul has the right idea. That is, we have to know exactly what to do to reduce pollution and the activities which use energy wastefully. We must drive less, fly less, truck and ship goods around the world and within world metropolis less. That’s putting it simply but it’s a starting point. To drive less we must rearrange our activities so that they may be reached and conducted within shorter distances from home via walking, bicycling and mass transit. Imagine suburban subdivisions rezoning to convert suitable houses into local grocery stores, dry goods outlet, pubs, salons and medical clinics. Imagine some impossibly located houses being demolished to create local garden acreage.

To address air travel, there is no fix. There can only be a limit set on minimal air travel for truly important purposes. Air travel is mostly a luxury that serves the tourism industry, hoteliers and the landlord class. Investment in passenger-rail can replace much long-distance air travel, and it need not be the 200+mph high speed variety popular among the Silicon Valley jet set.

To reduce shipping and trucking, much the global economy can be displaced by rebuilding national, state, (metropolitan area) regional and local economies to manufacture goods needed locally rather than internationally. Humanity will have to do without many goods that can’t be transported long distances as they are today.

These recommendations are dire. Powerful industrial interests will ignore them, therefore, their executive boards of directors must be taken to court. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Exxon Mobile etc should face criminal charges for past practices much like tobacco companies were taken to court. Denial of global warming is an act of war declared by the ruling elite against their nation’s own citizens. Mr45 is an evil sonofabitch propped up as a leader of the ruling class who are planning to exterminate the human race. Mr Pence will call it Armageddon.



This statement by OAC can be proven in a court of law, so I would like to see a class action lawsuit by the American people vs. Exxon-Mobile and the fossil fuel industries, similar to the tobacco and big, pharma suits for their culpability and when the fossil fuel industries are forced to pay the American people billions of $ in fines use that money to support the Green New Deal.

Diane Feinstein asks: " how are we going to be able to pay for the Green New Deal"? Problem solved!



Yeah, but they are protecting our freedom and democracy so that is irrelevant!



Class Action Suit would take too long. We need to move on this NOW!



She’s the bright light and we have to be her Battering Ram. Time we got some brave people and had a nice chat with every CEO that owns Fossil Fuel Company. Congress will not do this for us. We need to shut them down ourselves!



Finally!!! This is the million pound elephant in the room never, ever discussed in any circles about global warming except by extreme activists and those in the know by reading, in my case books, blogs by woke reporters. Corporate(MSM) media treats this as a ‘sacred cow’ and will never bring this up. Therefore most people don’t realize that the military has to go for humans to survive in the future. Things will change soon and many will be caught completely off guard when the collapse comes. This willusher in a new dark ages.



Unfortunately Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t be old enough to run for president until '024 or '028 as the candidate has to be 35 to run.

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Well, that’s the way I see capitalism. It is investors making shrewd investments, and do it timely. Maybe that trickles down to production startups and hiring a work force, or it doesn’t.

When we see the top fuel drag racing , and NASCAR shut down, I will believe we are seriously underway.



It’s one of governments tightly held secrets. Without constant military spending (interventions) the country folds up like a cheap chair.

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