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'No Time to Lose': New Study Shows 50% Coral Decline on Great Barrier Reef

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/no-time-lose-new-study-shows-50-coral-decline-great-barrier-reef

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Unfortunately I don’t see the kind of leadership in the U.S. or the world for addressing these kind of issues. It is kind of like we are living in a dark ages with leadership which reflects that. They are mostly greed and power based people without any understanding or relation to life as it should be or the need to respect nature. While I think most people on this site would choose good leaders who would care…the nation as a whole is somehow mired in entropy allowing the same old people to continue running things towards destruction.


There is “no time to lose” because the time is already lost.

Outrageously, and done with full knowledge of the devastating consequences, over half of all fossil fuel emissions in human history have been pumped out since the year 2000, with 2019 being the record year for carbon emissions.

One could argue that humans did not know enough about atmospheric science and the role of carbon in the “greenhouse effect” in the 1800s, to have used restraint in applying the power of coal and the steam engine to ramp up the industrial economy.

But no such argument is possible when we get to the 1970s. “Exxon knew” as the saying goes, verified by their own internal memos and their own internal conclusions regarding global warming and fossil fuels.

We should certainly have been ramping down the fossil fuel economy since the 1970s. The fact that we have not, is due to the interests of these industries and their investors and profiteers, who placed their own short-term interests above the long-term interests of humanity and ecology, and also due to the politicians who were bought and paid for by these industrialists and investors.

At this point, we all know. It is up to all of us, individually and collectively, to vastly reduce using fossil fuels, vastly reduce buying industrial goods, and organize our own power to stop politicians and industrialists from continuing their reign of horror, while we go about the necessary business of living more humbly and respectfully, taking care of each other, and restoring as much ecological integrity as we are able.

No time to lose, indeed.


This application might help, but in the long run i believe we are fighting an uphill battle:


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Oh, sure, we have airplanes, trains, and automobiles, but the reality and truth of it is the world of humans is still flat. And we’re coming closer and closer to falling of the edge. It’s as if that asteroid that hit some 65 million years ago (energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes from one form to another - AE) is hitting us all over again thanks to the fossil fuel companies and other polluters. Just ask the corals. Man was at one time tied to nature, hunting and gathering, and then discovered agriculture and religion, you know, multiply and prosper and In God We Tru$t. And the rest will be the story of extinction all over again, too. Just ask the dinosaurs.


Most likely, we are way past 50%.

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If we are unable to put an end to goose steppers occupying the White house and senate, how are we going to fix anything else.


Maybe “no time left to lose” is a more appropriate phrasing.


We are in the middle of the warmest year on record, yet it’s a LaNina year when temperatures used to be lower. Imagine what kind of warming the next ElNino will bring.
Carbon emissions are still going up rapidly, despite the worlds economy being in one of the worst recessions ever.
Enormous wildfires are burning on almost every continent.
Oh, and most of the oceans coral reefs are in rapid decline. When they are gone, the base of the food chain will disappear.
It brings a tear to the eye of this old diver. However, it’s nothing I didn’t see coming 20 years ago. The ocean is now like bath water. It will soon be too acidic for base animals like plankton to breed.
It will now be a race. Will billions bake to death in the coastal tropics, or will they starve first?
I fear it is already way too late.


As an ocean swimmer who used to travel the world doing so, I’ve seen the destruction of near-shore ecology off Jamaica, Maui, Byron Bay, Queensland, Thailand, Portugal, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Florida, Southern California, etc.
Swimming in toxic and disgusting pollution that covers formerly healthy reefs and other aquatic environments in sludge. Damaged beyond repair by fishing, boats and jet skis, divers, spearfishing, etc.
Our species is a mass extinction event and it’s coming fast.

I hear you. I remember noticing bleached and dead corals in near Aruba and Curaçao in the late 1990’s and thinking that something big was wrong. Then only needing a diving skin to go down 70-80 feet in 2008 to a wreck because the water off Puerto Rico was still 80 degrees in November.
It’s amazing how fast this global warming ball is rolling now.

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In case any wondering: " Which countries have a net zero carbon goal?"


And the winner is Finland with a goal of 2035. The rest are trying for 2050/60.
Wonder if we’ll make it to then.

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Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead.
" Humanity is entering a time of great change and difficulty, a time when it will be facing the Great Waves of change:…environmental degradation, resource depletion, violent weather, growing economic and political instability and the threat of war and conflict. It is a time that has been building for a long period. It is not merely the consequences of events today or tomorrow. It is has been building over a long period of time.

Humanity has misused its natural inheritance. It has misused the world. It has overused its resources. In the name of growth and expansion, it has exceeded the limits of many of the world’s resources. It has done this at the expense of your future and your future stability.

The difficulties ahead will require immense change in human perception and behavior."… a strong passage from the teaching: “Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead”…google it…It may set you on a new journey.


adding to the discouragement Australia freely elected a climate-denying national government. And most of the world’s people continue to live non-sustainable life styles even with all the warnings, perhaps hoping for magic technology or depending on “thoughts and prayers.” I feel bad for the upcoming generation

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And damaged by people flying all over the world to satisfy their wants.

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