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'No to $5 Billion, No to $2.1 Billion, No to $1.6 Billion': Progressive Groups Pressure Democrats to Reject Any Funding for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda


'No to $5 Billion, No to $2.1 Billion, No to $1.6 Billion': Progressive Groups Pressure Democrats to Reject Any Funding for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While applauding the Democratic leadership's refusal to give in to President Donald Trump's demand for $5 billion in border wall funding, a coalition of dozens of advocacy groups on Friday sent a letter to presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) expressing alarm that their proposals to reopen the government would still hand the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) billions of dollars to continue Trump's inhumane anti-immi


The “leadership” of the Democratic Party has not learned, does not want to learn, will never learn, that “compromising” with evil ugliness is a losing strategy. It has been a losing strategy since the 1970s.

Stand against it. Make the responsibility and accountability CLEAR. Shift the debate and prepare to move the agenda.

But the sold-out “leadership” of the Democratic Party has no clear agenda except cozying up to wealth and power. So “compromise” with evil looks like a strategy to them.


The Democrats, unfortunately, don’t view Trump and his trash as “evil”, which is the correct characterization. Rather, they view Trump as “wayward” and his trash as “victims”. The Dems believe they can recover the blue collar field if only the deplorables saw the light - good luck there.


Additional money for the wall and the boarder patrol would be money to support white supremacy. The Democratic leaders should not give an inch on something so fundamental with regard to what the United States stands for and I believe Democrats agree on this across the board.


This is a worldwide problem, not just the United States. What is the alternative to open borders?


In Europe it’s the fallout from actual colonialism, and the former powers should suck it up and take in the refugees from the messes they left. Similarly in the US, even if our colonization was covert and therefore left worse messes.


Trump has been shoving a hot poker up the asses of the LEFT for two years. Time to reciprocate.


With all due respect, you are the one who isn’t learning. They aren’t compromising, they are doing their part to maintain the status quo. It’s been the strategy of the New Democrats/Clintonites since they sold the party to the 1%.


Not one freakin dime! for trump’s racist wall that will also be a disaster for wildlife, large and small!

Billions for contractors, nothing for what really matters and would make us “great”!



with a red hot fire hydrant


I agree with you but I also believe over population and climate change as well as economic terrorism has caused these migrations. Asia is also plagued with this human catastrophe. It is easy to say “open borders” but I think that has consequences.


The trump racist wall is a disaster for so many reasons, but if the DINO “leadership” on the Green New Deal, via Nancy “compromise=capitulation” Pelosi, is any indication, the DINO “centrist” frauds will fold on the Racist Wall like the cheap big-money whore politicians they are! Pelosi and schumer, OUT!

Gutless craven enablers of wealth, and saboteurs of progressive/left activist base voters, and our issues that must be removed to make any real changes/reforms, and roll-back ALL the filth the orange cretin has done, and will do!


When the political leaders will not give you what you want punish their people. Just like we do to Iran and North Korea.


I did not say “open borders”; I said deal with it. Find a process or send some real aid back to the home countries to clean up the outhouses we left there.

And you can’t address overpopulation by just letting the pilgrims drown (or die of dehydration all over the desert). We have to deal with the present and historic issues.


I know we need to deal with it. Foreign aid has never benefitted the populace. All I am trying to point out is this is a world crisis. We need good people in international positions that can see the moral issues involved here and not incite hatred toward struggling people.



This issue allows Pelosi and Schumer to look like heroes in the eyes of some progressive, without tackling the issue of corporate totalitarianism which is suffocating the country. A classic misdirection by two skilled corporate democrats.


Look … dems.,You keep pulling Trump out of holes he has dug. First he throws a tantrum and allows the government to shutdown (sort of, the warmongers will get their two billion dollars a day check) . Then he says it will stay shutdown until he gets his wall or at least a five billion dollar down payment. Now he says he will shut the border down by edict (mouth) if he does not get congressional approval. Here is my question to the dems. If Trump can shut the border down with his mouth … why the f… does he need five billion dollars?


Democrats serially capitulating to the GOP is the result of more than a half century of lesser evil politics.

Post boomer voters are not embracing lesser evil politics and will not vote for Democrats in 2020 if the House of Representatives approves one nickle for Trump’s wall.

The Democrats need to tell Trump, the self styled “great businessman and negotiator”, to keep his campaign promise and get the money from Mexico…period.


Indeed. An appeal should also be made that not funding the wall in addition to repealing the gross tax cuts to the rich and cutting the military budget will go toward funding a green economy and employ millions of workers and toward expanding SS and infrastructure which will also employ millions. This did not appear in this letter which is leaving it susceptible to criticism of elitism.


Billions for Medicare for All—not one penny for a wall!