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'No to Austerity': Tens of Thousands Back Syriza at Rally in Athens


'No to Austerity': Tens of Thousands Back Syriza at Rally in Athens

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Tens of thousands gathered in Athens on Monday night, adding their voices to the ranks of the Syriza government officials and international observers who are urging Greek citizens to act boldly and reject the terms of an aid deal offered by Greece's austerity-loving international creditors.


Pope Frank, where are you?


Watch for “freedom fighters” on the lines of those that backed the coup in the Ukraine to suddenly appear in Greece should the people reject the demands of the Troika.

Groups like the NED will be funding them just as they do in Latin America.


The sound of tens of thousands of homeless people starving or dying of untreated illness in the streets is music to the ears of the Troika Banksters, as they squeeze the last little bit of cash out of Hellas, while they no doubt search for their next victim.

  • There will come a day when We the People of the World will finally rise up and smite these foul scavengers of human dignity, hopefully taking their ill-gotten gains to be used for the benefit of Planet Earth, its ecology and its People.
  • It is way past time to clean house, dump the trash, begin healing and rebuild.


By the way the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has announced it can not service its own debt. It owes some 72 billion dollars. The Government indicated it may have to declare bankruptcy akin to Detroit.


Tsipras should have planned an orderly exit from the Euro from the day he took office. What a f"#ckup he’s created by his mediocre leadership.


Does the term “Troika” sound just a little bit spiky and uncomfortable to anyone else?


Tsipras: Their plan was to end hope for a different policy in Europe
The Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, gave an interview to the Greek public broadcaster - ERT.

Key points:

Greeks will survive even without program and they will go to vote.

We will not drop democracy.

We did everything to achieve an agreement.

The target of the other side was to make us fully adopt their positions, not to negotiate.

They will not drop us out of euro because the cost will be enormous, this is my estimation. Their plan was to end hope that there could be a different policy in Europe.

They gave us an 48 hours ultimatum, so now we should ask people. People should decide.

Their choice to block referendum by cutting the program will be written in the dark pages of history.

Referendum is the continuation of the negotiations in other terms.

We expect first of all from the European leaders to respect the democratic right of the people to vote.

IMF didn’t supply Greece with liquidity since the summer of 2014, but wants all the money back.

If the Greek people want a humiliated president they can choose. There are many out there, but not me.

The creditors will retreat on a powerful will by the Greek people.



Greece best join the BRICS nations and ask for support and protection from Eurozone tyrants and NSA, CIA thugs that might stir up trouble as in Ukraine style trouble


Do you mean like the Bolsheviks back in 1917 Russia or spare the millionaire and the intellectuals?


Yeah such a rotten scheme, the billionaires don’t have to do anything except to lend money, set back and watch their wealth snowball. No one should be able to amass such obscene wealth built on the backs of the homeless, the unemployed, the mentally ill, the old and the sick.


Haha…Spoken like a true dyed-in-the-wool regressive. Nothing like living in a Jurassic world of antiquated paradigms constantly being revived by intellectually ossified leaders, only to watch them croak just one more time, .


It interesting to note who some of these Foreign Investors are that are demanding Greece pay their debts.

In the USA just as example David Einhorn and John Paulson have over 12 billion dollars invested in Greek Bonds and banking stocks. These are the guys that put those people in Office in Europe and North America with thier dollars. They will not tolerate such losses and so are giving their bought and paid for politicians their marching orders.

Rest assured should Greece default and those investments risk being lost, the money will not come out of the pockets of the investors. The Governments will ensure they get it all back. This is one reason they changed the definition of what a “deposit” is at a bank. It is not longer considered the depositors money. It is considered an asset of the bank.


Surely someone has already asked Negroponte if he has some free time.


Right, you’d think the Troika would not have adopted a term that is synonymous with “dictatorship.”


This article is about Greece, not Gays. Perhaps you are confused.


He? … God is a “He?”…God can’t be a she?.. Why does God have to be a “person” up in the sky?.. I have come from a place when young -being religious in my understanding to slowly over time, understand that the universe is what it is… a very massive concept… Do I think there may be different dimensions?.. Yes… could our consciousness to to “some other place” after our bodies die on this earth?.. Yes, I think that is possible… but, do I think that some being is going to save us from ourselves?.. no that is up to us…


Arrogant German bankers want to dictate to Greece to cut pensions. Again profitability of the few over human well-being.


wonder how foolproof their voting system is. hope it’s awesome–we’re with you, Greece!

Now if only our media would tell the truth–how this is truly happening everywhere, sometimes a little slower, but happening, nonetheless.


sorry, fake french, not a reply to you. :O) oops.