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No, Trump, British Crime Isn’t Going Up Because of Muslims


No, Trump, British Crime Isn’t Going Up Because of Muslims

Juan Cole

A baseless claim by President Trump played into fears of Muslim immigrants in the U.K.


Another lie from the Pathological Liar in an attempt to push his Hate filled agenda here in America.


Thanks, Professor Cole, for again countering lies with TRUTH! Statistics can be made to show an absolutely incorrect conclusion. This is why Americans who get their “news” from MSM outlets, especially Fox, get such a wrong perspective on things. No nuance. No deeper analysis. Just “dog whistles”. And the mad dogs respond every time, by design!


I think you are right about Fox but I woundn’t lump them in with other MSM news outlets. I think Fox could be considered the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. I think that has been its purpose from the beginning. MSNBC has to some extent become the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, perhaps because Fox demonstrated that that you can make money from partisan news. But I would say the most accurate information is supplied by the MSM. The left wing and right wing media cherry pick information because they are agenda driven so while the do provide stories that are not typically covered by the MSM I would say they are less reliable for accurate information. The right wing media seems to rely largely on lies so it should be disregarded completely except to find out what kind lies are being put out there. The best advice for Americans is to get their news from many sources, and certainly not just left wing or right wing sources, and above all do not rely only on Facebook newsfeed for news. That is worst thing ;anyone can do.


I absolutely agree with you about Fox “News” and Facebook! Those two bear the brunt of the responsibility for the “dumbing down” of the General Public. I would have to say that so-called “Christian” Broadcasting also has played a major role. The rest of the MSM is somewhat of a mixed bag
. Their fallacy is largely what they don’t report, more than what they do report.


Come on, Juan Cole. You have to make a stronger statement than the uptick “may be an optical illusion.” There is no uptick in crime. Any reasonable expert in the field knows the difference between crime reports and crime surveys. Crime reports are notoriously unreliable as a measure of crime levels. Crime surveys, in which a scientific sample of citizens are polled, are the only reliable measure of crime levels. Don’t hedge this.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Juan Cole gave NO actual numbers for Muslim Crime or Prison population etc.
How is he allowed to write an articlke like that?