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No, Trump is Not Going to Save UK or Theresa May From Economic Consequences of Brexit


No, Trump is Not Going to Save UK or Theresa May From Economic Consequences of Brexit

Juan Cole

Most observers are puzzled as to why British Prime Minister Theresa May is hosting a Trump visit to her country, a visit that is likely to put a couple hundred thousand protesters in the streets of London alone and to offer opportunities for serial embarrassment to all concerned.

Some 45% of the British don’t want a Trump visit at all. This statistic is shocking. What are 55% of Britons thinking? Still, the negative number with regard to a visit of a US president is unprecedented. London will permit a satiric float to be flown mocking ‘baby Trump.’


I am befuddled about the Brexit situation. The one person I would trust to chart a course is Yanis Varoufakis. (Of course, the monied interest would likely scream.)


Juan, No EMPEROR TRUMP is not going to save the world but destroy it — and soon if we don’t create this strategic “Movement”:

Juan — Sorry for this deadly serious comment regarding what it will take to achieve a sufficiently populist-progressive “Movement” here in America and the world ---- and my accurate description of the “Con-man”, EMPEROR TRUMP, forcing us in being lead into EMPIRE:

This is a corrected copy without my typos
As edited and corrected:

As I have explained several times in “Times” comments, my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply shouts-out:


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘our’ (not the Emperor’s) American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

With Emperor Trump’s recent ‘reality show’ of ‘lording over’ NATO, the EU,
and all European countries — which suffered through the First and
Second World War of Empires — it is, IMHO, now far beyond time to, put
down both Emperor Trump and EMPIRE.

While it would have been preferable to address this existential and history-long cancer of
Empire by employing something positive like a real global “Democracy Project”,
as #41 claimed to be doing, it is now eminently clear that since the
control of America’s government devolved to the point of implementing
the first effective, but disguised, dual-party Vichy facade of faux
democracy, that neither a democratic nor republican positive
populist-progressive solution could be developed by ‘we the American

Therefore, it is essential that both we American people
and all ‘citizens of the world’ develop a movement modeled somewhat on
the Anti-Imperialist League at the turn of the 19th to 20th century in
order to cure this ‘long 20th century’ of Empire wars through a new
Global Anti-Empire League — perhaps by leading a continuation and
peaceful completion of our own American “Revolution Against Empire”