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'No Trump, Yes Paris': Greenpeace Gives US President Cold Welcome in Poland


'No Trump, Yes Paris': Greenpeace Gives US President Cold Welcome in Poland

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Greenpeace welcomed U.S. President Trump to Warsaw Wednesday evening by illuminating the message "No Trump, Yes Paris" on Poland's tallest building, the Palace of Culture and Science.

In a translated statement on Facebook, Greenpeace said:


We can expect our stature in the world to plummet significantly after this G20 meeting. Thanks Pumpkin Fuhrer! Bring on the BDS of the US.


I think our national “stature” has been diminishing for decades.


I believe, that in a curious way Trump has helped the planet by withdrawing from the Paris Accord:

  • It has freed the rest of the world from American foot dragging and enabled it to move up the targets in any follow-up accord.
  • Here in the US it has largely strengthened the resolve of state administrations and industry to meet and beat the Paris provisions, not just to show, that we care, but because we know, that it is essential to do so.


Hey, look at the bright side:
once we have dropped to the status of ‘developing nation’ we will become eligible to receive foreign aid from others, like China, per example. That country is helping out everywhere, in South Asia, Africa and South America…

So why not help us too?


Yes, you are correct. But since the election of Trump, it’s gone off a cliff.

John ‘Zim’ Zimmermann
Zim’s Mobile Computer Services


I think the effects of Trump withdrawing will be largely negative. I don’t see any country being able to replace US leadership on climate. It was really Obama who put together this deal. Can China or Germany perhaps lead the way to stronger pledges? I would not count on it. In any case time will tell. The next really critical climate meeting is in 2020 and we will see what happens. With Trump in the White House that seems like a very long way off.


I do not know, what you are talking about. Germany, other European countries as well as China, even India have been leading the push forward all along.
The US was the big obstructionist in terms of curbing carbon emissions, trying to protect our coal an oil industries.
The German Bundesrat put the suggestions on the table. to permit no more new cars to hit the road after 2030. India has firm plans to do the same and China puts more new EVs on the road than any other nation and restricts new registrations for hydro carbons driven cars within its cities.
“US leadership on climate” - my foot!


The biggest concern with the U.S. leaving is that it would cause other countries to leave the deal. To my knowledge this hasn’t happened yet at all. So I guess it can be save to assume that the U.S. pulling out wasn’t really as negative as some where thinking.


It appears to me, that the US does no longer have that kind of pull. The 2016 campaign has bared some of the shortcomings of the US for all to see and the grotesque performance of the Trump administration has washed away any respect for the US of A, which might have otherwise still existed.


Yep. The federal branch can’t even get pull over the states, who one after the other have reaffermed their commitment to the climate deal.