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'No Trump Zone' Planned in Paris Ahead of President's Visit


'No Trump Zone' Planned in Paris Ahead of President's Visit

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the Trump administration attempts to deflect questions from the press regarding Donald Trump Jr.'s controversial meeting during last year's campaign with a Russian lawyer, the president himself has kept a relatively low profile ahead of a scheduled trip to France this week—but the French aren't expected to give him a warm welcome as hundreds of demonstrators plan to form a "No Trump Zone" in Paris, where they will march in protest of Trump's visit and h


Will someone in Paris please grease up at least one Guillotine in preparation for Trump’s visit?



You beat me to it!!
Trump visiting Paris on Bastille Day - seriously???


Bastille Day…how fitting a date for the diabolical demagogue…perhaps he can go visit the tombs of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI at the Basilica of St Denis to pay his respects…he is running his presidency much along the same lines as the Dauphine, her husband and their court did in the late 18th Century.

To wit: Early on 16 October (1793), Marie Antoinette was declared guilty of the three main charges against her: depletion of the national treasury, conspiracy against the internal and external security of the State, and High treason because of her intelligence activities in the interest of the enemy; the latter charge alone was enough to condemn her to death.


Off with his …!


Yep, I truly feel that absolutely NO ONE WILL BE MORE HATED THAN TRUMP-ITIS!!! I mean, anti-climate truth and justice, all kinds of justice. Just what the hell does this ugly buffoon think he is??? If someone takes a potshot at him, and hit s the target, it CERTAINLY WILL BE GOOD FOR THE WORLD!!!


Tiny hands? Rotting orange head? Meerkat hairdo?