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'No Upside' for Trump as New Poll Showing US Majority Think President "Unfit" for Office


'No Upside' for Trump as New Poll Showing US Majority Think President "Unfit" for Office

Common Dreams staff

A new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows that a majority of Americans believe Donald Trump is "unfit to serve" as commander-in-chief and head of the nation's executive branch.

"With an approval rating frozen in the mid-thirties, his character and judgement questioned, President Donald Trump must confront the harsh fact that the majority of American voters feel he is simply unfit to serve in the highest office in the land." —Tim Malloy, Quinnipiac


this is so depressing… are there that many people in the US stupid enough to think Trump should be running the country? he couldn’t even run a toll booth ffs… :frowning:


Yes, there are people who are that stupid, and that is the scary part.


Exactly. I see nothing optimistic in this poll. It basically shows that a majority of citizens in all but 10 or so northeast and west coast states think that this psychopath is fit to serve.


Unfit to be in ANY leadership role in either the public or private sector as proven throughout his adult life to date. Difference now is that his lack of leadership, tact, intellect, compassion, integrity, self-respect, reason, and self-control has devastating and disastrous affects that circle the globe…and he has only been in office nine months…enough time to give birth to a monstrous hellion (hallion in Scottish).


What else is new? We knew this way before he became “president.” This particular aspect of “Groundhog Day” (the movie) is unsettling to say the least.
And what are our politicians doing about it?


Right, and we recall the old saying that “people get the government they deserve.”


But how was “fit” defined in the poll? Or what do people take as being “fit”?
Physically he’s obviously fit, although I wouldn’t be too sure. Mentally, well I’m not a psychologist but I would guess that he has lost his mind, if he ever had one. But the scary question, given that so many still think he’s fit, is if he’s the only one that has lost his mind.


Yes, because polls have been so reliable in regards to President Trump.


The article in it’s bad faith tries to slant it (“with ONLY 36 approving…”), but that’s an enormous number, considering the reality. One could make a joke about it, comparing it to something like “only 1/3 of the country believes the moon is made of green cheese.” But it’s really much more sinister, because many of things these 1/3 believe are actually quite evil. Very sad and scary.


Out of curiosity, what is it that these 36 percent believe that you think is evil?


Yes, and what should scare the hell out of anyone, is there are sooooo many people who are " that stupid"!


Threatening to “totally destroy” an entire country and its people (i.e. North Korea) is one example of this person’s evil mind. Evil is a loaded word. Let’s try destructive, as in “totally destroy”. If people think he is a fit person then they have to accept these statements that he made.


84% of Republicans??? Too much Fox News apparently destroys certain areas of the brain with repeated exposure.


Do we even need to ask the question? Just look at the photo of this fucking’ ignorant neandorthal, knuckle dragger-in-chief. What a FUCKING… must I say it again…FUCKING… FUCKING…FUCKING… shameful stain on our country! Just look at the posture of this stupid white fuck. He’s unfit for the job! We have a dumb-ass cave man running the country with his clown car cabinet. I can’t believe we’ve arrived to this point. I throw the towel in… we get what we deserve… fuckin’ ignorant American-nazis pieces of shit! My grandfather died fighting the “Third Reich” in the 1940’s. Anyone that voted for this Dick-in-Chief knows NOTHING! When the atomic fall-out rains down on your town portending your earthly demise, I will be the FIRST to urinate on your fucking grave! No apologies… a bit of anger issues to Trumpista voters… SCUM and TRAITORS to our country!!! Shame!!!


It seems clear enough to me, anyway, that DT is a racist fascist thug. So anyone who thinks he’s doing a good job must be sympathetic to racism, fascism, and/or thuggery. DT despises the Bill of Rights, which puts him in violation of his oath and makes him prima facie unqualified for his office. People who refuse to see the obviously have a reason for their blindness–because they hate democracy, too. Trump is a would-be Stalin, and his supporters could turn him into a real Stalin, a personification of pure evil. I say this as someone who voted for Trump out of disgust with his opponent; I’m still joyous thatI didn’t vote for HRC, but that’s no excuse for supporting this piece of human filth.


Based on the polling results, for Republicans the bar for fitness for the presidency is now so low that virtually tens of millions of Americans could be considered fit for the office. Demonstrating a sense of human decency is not required. Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of domestic and foreign policy is not required. Having read at least one book is not required. Being critical of neo-Nazis and other white supremacist extremist organizations is not required. Advocating racial equality is not required. Divesting of your business interests or putting them in a trust is not required. The only requirements seem to be age at least 35 and a clear dislike of liberals.


Maybe, Trump needs to undergo the famous Ludovico Technique (Adversion Therapy) as demonstrated by the Minister of Interior in The Clockwork Orange. Strapped down into a chair with the proper adversion meds. Mr Trump is somewhat forced to watch all the things he craves, set to his favorite music. At some point Mr.Trump becomes nauseated at what he has seen, and begs for the end of the treatment. After treatment Mr.Trump behaves like a good member of society, maybe.


My partner’s cousin (in his 60’s) who I consider very insightful and very well read and quite intelligent has come to the conclusion that around 30% of the human population are sociopaths, 60% are simply indifferent and 10% actually are awake enough to care about the world around them. This would explain why someone like Trump not only made it into office, but also why he is still there. Things are not looking good for the USA and the world if his theory is indeed true.


Ok everyone on this page pretty much agrees we have a dangerous mentally ill president

And we have 84% of half the country (All Republicans) think he is fit to serve

And it would be safe to say everyone on this page thinks we are on the hellbound train, including me.

The real problem then becomes how to convince half of our nation that they are wrong

And to find a solution that includes them as partners

If we can find a place of personal safety and invite the other side in we can meet the humanity of the other

We must find the respect for the humanity of the other or we perish together