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'No Vaccine for Climate Change': Coronavirus Has Been Disastrous, Says Red Cross, But Global Warming Poses Greater Threat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/no-vaccine-climate-change-coronavirus-has-been-disastrous-says-red-cross-global


A common refrain prevails, especially among Western capitalist nation governments and big business circles: best business practices are best decided by business decision-makers.

Yet this was proven false by, as a most consequential example, Boeing’s decision to keep its ill-fated 737 Max planes flying, regardless of indicators, including employee warnings, they should be grounded and serious software glitches corrected.

While an ousted CEO received more than $62 million to leave Boeing—perhaps from what’s now described as a ‘culture of concealment’—346 ticket-buyers received a most horrific death.

Also, when the COVID-19 crisis began, the most influential, and maybe even the first, voices to have the ear of governments likely were the largest corporations, particularly the airlines.

The result was resistance against an immediate halt in international commerce, including overseas flights, weeks of delay that may have translated into many COVID-19 deaths.


What’s climate change?

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the $10 trillion spent on the global response to the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis is far more than…" ok think about this one.

Where did the $10Trillion+ go?..Another bailout to the financial system and corporations…Just like in past bailouts…to the elites, to the Takers,…And, think about where did this $10 Trillion come from, how it was created, what is it based on…and think of the long term consequences…think hyper inflation… luckily the Billionaires are not going to spend it, no they will just let it sit, earning them more unearned $$ of wealth… a great reset is coming driven by the Earth’s biosphere being destroyed, remember when all of the oceans are dead, the forests are gone, one will not be able to eat money, gold or silver…


"unfortunately, there is no vaccine for climate change."… Au contraire… so the host (Earth) is doing what many organisms due in response to an infection, it heats up, it has a fever to make the environment conducive to the destruction of the invader, in this case Human Industrial Civilization and its makers… The future of this planet will be much more challenging to humanity. Humanity if it survives will have to live in accordance to the new rules set by Earth, that means everyone including the wealthy ones hoping their money buys them a ticket out of here.

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Carol- this one is for you:…
a passage from the Revelation: “Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World”.

" It is evident that you are entering into a time of great instability and uncertainty in the world, a time where the Great Waves of change are beginning to strike the world: resource depletion, environmental degradation, violent weather, growing economic and political instability and the risk of war and conflict over the world’s remaining resources.

It is a time that will represent the results of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world. It is a time where there will be so many currents and cross currents that it will be impossible to predict exactly how things will turn out." from the book, Preparing for the Great Waves of Change.

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First let’s drag out an important term: “bungle”. Our Federal government is bungling this catastrophe. Most if not every one of our state governments is bungling the R&D side of this catastrophe.

For covid, we now know that we needed an enormous number of N-95 masks, we needed 100 times as many fast tests and we bungled the job. Now we’re going into the critical fall phase of the big bungle. Getting the vaccines ready sounds like a positive step, but remember how much time it took because “next time” is climate. We should be hard at work!

For climate, Moloch doesn’t want us to perform the mission-critical R&D. Better to have the Midwest dry up and ration the remaining food, then carp about our bad luck.

Life is hard sometimes and I have to make some tough economic decisions. If I throw both of my shoes at Donald Trump, I won’t have any shoes left to throw at Joe Biden.

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Unfortunately for many developing countries, aid received is pocketed or confiscated by the local rulers, but even they are not exempt from the ravishes of Mother Nature and she seems to be quite upset right now. People like trump will get awfully lonely hiding in their gold-plated bunkers when the weather is unbearable outside. Hopefully, I’ll die of old age before any nightmare scenarios unfold for lucky ones like me who haven’t yet been affected much by weather extremes. But unless we put the brakes on dirty energy and fracking and start acting responsibly with massive amounts invested in renewable energy, we will all have to deal with doomsday.


Few talk about how Covid is caused by the same issues; habitat destruction led to closer wild animal/human interface, which led to bats infecting humans with Covid. Climate destabilization is also fueled by destruction of the natural world, which is fueled by human population growth.


Except for indigenous peoples, the rest of humanity cannot claim to be “sapiens”. Why? Because they fail to see the BIG picture, Life, and so, as did Narcissus, fall in love with their own image only and make a hell of a heaven.


And the proverbial Elephant in the Room is and continues to be the capitalism of “civilization”.


And a nice warm coat:


They since rejected the cull and are now saying the mutation is extinct.

To think that if the world’s governments implemented the 50 billion dollar a year program to mitigate the negative effects of climate change twenty years ago (amounting to 1 trillion dollars by 2020), we would then probably now not have Covid, which is now at a cost of 10 trillion dollars.
In addition, as we would also have had lesser degrees of the fires, hurricanes, floods, droughts, locusts, and other disasters over these last twenty years, there would then been additional less cost to these disasters.

Agreed, 100%

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church perpetuates it’s “sanctity of HUMAN life” doctrine. The meaning implied in its corollary is the DE-SANCTIFICATION, desecration, devaluation of all other-than-human life. I refer to it as the doctrine of pathological idolatry.

We hear broad implicit acceptance of drug-company press-releases in lieu of real science (publication pre-prints, for instance) with regard to whether a Covid vaccine will be safe, effective, and available. That’s for starters. We don’t know if we have a vaccine for Covid, either. Not without the science, dammit.

There is a corrective for the Climate Catastrophe, which we know is caused by fossil fuel extraction. The corrective is to stop extraction. This much is not rocket science, or even virology.

Double barrels of exploitation, like twin rocket engines, power the Catastrophe: disrespecting the planet, and despising each other. The Catastrophe has pandemic, climatic, and nihilistic arms, but it’s all of a piece. Especially the insidious nihilism of it, in which we’re driven to train ourselves not to care, just to get through another day. To laugh at it – making sport of hapless Social Justice Warriors.

Coronavirus is reducing energy usage a lot, I bet, and it may literally reduce the level of CO2 emissions globally, in a permanent way…




We’re scared but Elites are also frightened – even with as many fascists embedded
in government as they already have – mainly because more Americans are waking up –

They know they can be held accountable for the damage to the planet –

Capitalist exploitation and greed which has done such harm to Nature, Animal-Life,
and even other human beings according to various myths of “inferiority.”