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'No Walls, No War, No Warming': Progressives Call for Priorities Shift


'No Walls, No War, No Warming': Progressives Call for Priorities Shift

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Social movement leaders from groups across the progressive spectrum launched a campaign on Tuesday denouncing President Donald Trump's proposed $54 billion increase in the U.S. military budget, which is coming at the expense of the environment, education, human and civil rights protections, and public health.


Trump's budget is not cutting budgets but converting public assets and monies to private ones, shifting them to private corporations under the guise of privatization and military security. He will be stripping 54 billion from spending on all things human and environmental to give to the military.


Would be wonderful if this article, especially the Coalition Statement, could be available to the General Populace in their Daily Newspapers and Television, Radio News.

In my view, this is what will actually Validate a Position, to the Average Citizen, and is the reason why the Owners of said Media will not aid in its Dispersal.


Until we get a genuine "power shift" we will not get any truly substantive "priorities shift."

Under Trump, the supremacy of the interests of corporations and extremely wealthy people is not challenged. But under the previous five presidents, Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama, the supremacy of the interests of corporations and extremely wealthy people was not challenged. Precisely this, is what has brought us to Trump.

We need to literally take power, and wealth, away from corporations and the extremely wealthy. We need to shift power, and wealth, into real democratic control.

Trump's wall? Obama deported more people than any president in US history. Trump's war? Obama presided over the expansion of the drone assassination program by ten times over what Bush did, personally approved a "kill list" every week, destroyed Libya and ventured into Syria, and supported the illegal trillion-dollar "modernization" of the US nuclear arsenal, without getting the US out of Iraq or Afghanistan. Trump's warming? Obama was "all in" on fossil fuels, fracking, coal, and oil wars. Pandering to corporate power while they knowingly unleashed the horror of climate chaos was overseen by every administration in my lifetime. A Clinton presidency would have done NOTHING to address the FUNDAMENTAL sources of the swiftly accelerating ecological and social crises that are dis-integrating the living Earth and human communities.

As long as "progressives" focus primarily on Trump as the personification of horror, instead of zeroing in on the entire class of criminals in suites whose unelected authority and outrageous multi-generationally stolen "wealth" steer the political economy, we do not have a program to avert planetary and civilizational disaster.

Yes, Trump threatens to unleash specific and fascistic horrors that were not on the agenda of the sold-out corporate Democrats, and we rightly resist the naked imposition of genocidal and police-state programs in the "homeland." But the grinding poverty and unraveling ecology that Trump now contributes to, have been a multi-generational bi-partisan project in the interests of the kleptocratic plutocrats who truly rule, and who must truly be dis-empowered if we are to have any chance of steering the political economy away from the onrushing disaster that is unfolding.

Our "progressive" program must encompass ENDING corporate supremacy, and outlawing the forms of "limited-liability, investor-owned" corporations that now dominate the entire global economy. These corporate forms were literally invented to carry out colonization, genocide and enslavement - the British East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, the original corporations were DESIGNED to colonize and steal and usurp and concentrate "wealth" in the hands of a tiny (Euro-centric, male, Christian and white-supremacist) minority. The forms have evolved - and corrupted the political system - to the point where now these invented human constructs claim to "own" the genetic basis of life itself!

The metastasizing mega-crisis that is swiftly swamping all living and social systems, goes far beyond Trump. We need to reach far beyond Trump, if we are to have any real hope to slow the accelerating mass extinction event that is now clearly underway.


What's more, she added, "I think this will help us get a seat at the table, [to] get recognition...in terms of the anti-war movement being recognized as a key component of the resistance movement."

I would argue that the anti-war movement and the dismantling of the empire is THE KEY COMPONENT of the resistance.


I agree, for moral reasons above all, but also for practical ones, because opposition to the war is an issue that can bring together sectors of the society that might not agree on certain socio-economic issues, especially those manipulated to keep them apart.


Bravo, Webwalk!
Best zeroing in on the Truth, I've read here, since SiouxRose.


Thanks much HC, your contributions here are highly valued.


Check out this video someone linked to in the comments to Chris Hedges' latest article, over at Truthdig:


Watch the movie "1984"


Well said!


To run a military infrastructure requires energy input.

This is as true for the blacksmith making arrowheads, as for factories building tanks of fighter jets.

The blacksmith used charcoal to forge metal, we use hydrocarbond, oil coal and gas.

These are in depletion, we cannot support major armies any more, those days are gone.
The current military is supported by debt, and debt is nothing more than a call on future energy supplies, which are not going to be there much past 2025/35.

Without energy input, the industrial infrastructure that supports armies will collapse.
Yet the promise is that there will always be "more" of everything. This is a fantasy.
We have reached the point where there is no more because the oilparty is over.
There will be no "saudi America". America will not be made "great again" the energy to do it isn't there any more.

The book "The End of More"

Explains how we got into this mess


Thanks much to you as well S, you are one of the sharper ones here.


There never has been such a voice!


Thank you for putting things in their proper perspective. Both parties are on the gravy train to mass destruction and to hell with everyone else. It's now exposed for those that want to see how capitalism is destroying the planet that we all depend on for life. It's easy to pin things on Trump but he's just one of the symptoms of the disease that threatens us all. If more people would look at the big picture they too could see things as they actually are and form a movement to wake folks up to do something, anything, to transition away from war and fossil fuels. Whole sectors could be used to install mass transportation, renewable energy sources, meaningful peace talks, etc. It won't happen in my life but if something isn't started like real soon it'll be too late and this administration os on the death train for sure. The country has literally been at war my whole 63 years and I'm sick of it; I'm hoping others too will help usher in a new era of peace and more equality for everyone else.


Thanks for your kind words.


My comment is slightly off the topic of budget priorities but bears on one of the Trump priorities in the article title, namely the wall. I heard an interview on public radio earlier today with a southern California contractor who wants to bid on the wall, a bid for which the deadline is today. He recited some of the specs the wall must meet: It must be concrete, 18-30 feet tall above the ground with a rebar reinforced footer that extends 6 feet below the ground. It must be unscalable by ladder or grappling hooks.The first 12 feet above the ground must be also be reinforced and must be resistant to the cutting of a hole 12 inches in diameter by any know battery operated tool for some period of time. I don't recall how long that period is, but you might liken the requirement itself to the fire rating for for a safe. All this just to keep desperate people from crossing the southern US border to seek a better life.

This. Is. Insane.


It isn't his budget- it is congress that addresses that, and he then seals the deal.


From the article: 'Now, under Trump, she said, "it seems like people are getting it."'

My suspicion, webwalk, is that people will revert back to 'not getting it' when a President like Obama lulls them into falsely believing things will be just fine now that the Democratic half of the duopoly is back in charge.


I agree. However, the priorities ( tax law ) of the MIC and the Corporate Big Energy coalitions will simply shift. The big squeeze will be put on the middle class workers and the working poor, who can't write it off as a cdb. $8.00 a gallon fuel doesn't punish the DoD and the Police & Security State a whit, either.They're cost is, likewise, simply passed on to the citizenry. Price of energy is a not a concern to the wealthy, or even the upper class, as energy costs diminish as you go up the wealth ladder. Again, bleeding the bottom 70% of their shrinking wealth, is what our Federal Gov't does. And, they have the best UniParty in the world doing it quite skillfully, too.
Why do you think they'll tamper with the well-oiled cash machines?