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No War for Oil, Say Climate Advocates, as Trump Admin Pushes for Conflict With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/16/no-war-oil-say-climate-advocates-trump-admin-pushes-conflict-iran

Frankly, I’m tired of dragging out my “no blood for oil” protest sign. It hasn’t produced results and you know what they say about the sanity of trying over and over while getting the same result. In the case of oil, the result has been more and more war.
I think I’ll invest in making my home ready for the weather outrages coming our way.


No more wars for oil? NOT! What is needed it seems to me, is a war to stop oil!


Indeed. We need at least a World War 2 style mobilization against the fossil fuel industry. They are more of an existential threat to humanity than any other force in history.


Wait for the climate effects of all the Saudi and Iranian oilfields burning up in real time.


But it’ll sell weapons. I recall Hilary Clinton urging people to look for jobs in the “defense” industry when unemployment was high at that time. That was decades ago but she had fore knowledge that the government was investing in weapons industry. I hope i am just pointing out the obvious.

No in this case you are helping to inform more and more people so your protests will galvanize into powerful movements for change.


Yes indeed, add to that the India Pakistan nuclear war and you get the picture.


Yes, until the fossil fuel industries are demonized as the #1 terrorists in the world and the people of the entire world, declare all out war on them…nothing will change.


Yes that too. Plus it would be followed by a ramped up frenzy to develop tight oil through fracking because of the “shortage”.

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Read “the crash of 79” by Paul Erdman.

There’s no time to wonder why,
whoopee we’re all gonna die.


Particularly with Greenpeace. They are a Democratic Party fix to make sure those pesky environmentalist won’t do anything but talk. They; like the Unions funnel money to politicians who NEVER do anything about these issues. The leadership gets to attend fancy parties and feel important. They are always sell outs,Neutralized by the democrats.
I always look at these groups like greenpeace and the Sierra club as chumps. They are pretenders. Look and see if their offices are in DC.
It guarantees they are fakes funneling you donations to Democrats and themselves. Only donate to real grassroots radicals Not these posers.

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Country joe McDonald…loved that guy!

Unfortunately, these protest do very little. I think they may just ignore until they get frightened by the pitch forks. Hit them in the pocketbook is about the only way.

A cornered animal is dangerous. Trump’s corruption has been at critical levels for a long time, but he has many resources at his disposal. Wagging the dogs of war is a favorite of corrupt administrations.

" People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage." John Kenneth Galbraith


The circular firing squad in action?

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Meanwhile, cable tv news / opinion channels are not yet up to date on our standby for a war. America is said to be sharing the intel with other nations. However, none will be allies in any land war inside Iran.
Expect massive US army casualties in an Iran war.
The russians may come in.
Even if they do not, we will not win.
The population is too large.

John Bolton revenge??

so, it is drive bye news today.


“…a war to stop oil!”

How ya gonna pay for it?!
*(Sorry…couldn’t help myself.)


This is another case of Trump / right wingers saying it’s alright if we do it, but you better not do it.
Trump is telling Kavenaugh that he should sue anyone who accuses him of sexual misconduct, they can’t just bring up accusations without providing absolute proof. Sue them for libel.
The trump administration is accusing Iran of bombing the Saudi oil facilities, but they cannot show any proof of it.

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